Man arrives at the airport without any shoes, and he hopes his reason why will inspire others

October 2, 2017 3:27 pm Last Updated: October 2, 2017 5:01 pm

Bryan Hodgson was on his way to the airport when he stopped at Starbucks to grab some coffee before his flight. While at Starbucks, he was so moved by the action of a man standing in line in front of him that Hodgson felt compelled to do something in return.

Hodgson wrote about his experience on Facebook, which was later shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Hodgson stood in line at a Starbucks behind a homeless man with no shoes on.

While standing in line at Starbucks, Hodgson recognized the man in front of him was homeless. According to Hodgson’s Facebook post, the man had collected enough money to purchase a banana and a cup of coffee.

After he received his cup, Hodgson, the assistant basketball coach for the University at Buffalo, watched the man accidentally spill some of his drink onto the floor. Rather than leave it there for someone else to either take care of it or slip and fall, the man quickly went to retrieve some napkins.

Hodgson overheard the man say, “I would hate for someone to step in this.”

After spilling a little of his coffee the man quickly cleaned up the mess so no one would step in it.

(Photo by Alan Levine, CC BY 2.0)

The basketball coach approached the homeless man and asked if he had any shoes. Hodgson was taken aback by how the man reacted—not wanting anyone to get dirty by stepping in the spilled coffee—even though he was the one most likely to get his feet wet from stepping in the puddle. The man didn’t have any shoes on.

“I followed him to the back of the store as he was grabbing more napkins and asked him if he owned any shoes,” Hodgson wrote. “He said, ‘Man, they stole them from me last night, but you know what. I’m not going to complain. That is the life of a homeless man.'”

Hodgson took the shoes he was wearing off his feet and gave them to the homeless man.

(Facebook/Bryan Hodgson)

Rather than leave the store immediately after he received his coffee, Hodgson took his own shoes off and gave them to the man. Although they were slightly big on the homeless man, he was so grateful that it “literally brought him to tears.”

The man asked Hodgson several times if he was sure that he wanted to part with his shoes.

Hodgson was sure.

The look on his face when I gave him my shoes was priceless. He wasn’t begging, he didn’t even ask me for a single thing. I hope he enjoys the heck out of those comfortable Nike Air Prestos, and somehow finds a way to pay it forward. I hope this also inspires someone reading this to do something nice for someone else today. With all the craziness going on in our country…find a way to make even the smallest difference.

You can read Hodgson’s Facebook post here.