Saint Bernard doesn’t like groomer, after trying every trick in the book, owner jumps on the table

December 23, 2017 12:52 pm Last Updated: December 23, 2017 12:52 pm

If a child is scared of something, say a tall slide, a parent might go down it first to show that there’s nothing to worry about.

Lee Asher does the same for his children; there’s only a slight difference. His children have fur and it wasn’t a fear of slides that he was helping his fur baby with.

Asher owns a handful of rescue dogs, but one always seems to give him trouble at the groomer.

Stella looks annoyed that I said to smile.

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Asher currently owns several rescue dogs. They are a mixed bag of different breeds and each one has their own unique personality.

One of them, Lillie the Saint Bernard, has a tough time going to the groomer. Despite her size she gets extremely nervous when she realizes where Asher is taking her.

“I have to have a big treat in front of my face to follow me in or she literally will not go through the front door,” Asher told The Dodo.

Lillie is a big, strong dog and it takes a lot for Asher to get her through the groomer’s door.

After having tried nearly every trick in the book Asher got an idea. He recently tried it with Lillie and it worked!

As Lillie stood on the groomer’s table nervously waiting, Asher took off his shirt and got up on the table right next to her.

Asher had the groomer “groom” him to show Lillie there was nothing to be afraid of.


The move was a little bizarre.


The groomer couldn’t stop laughing as he used a brush to go over Asher’s back, and Asher said that even some of the other dogs gave him a quizzical look. But! It worked!

“She started playing a bit and gave me a kiss which was like a, ‘Hey, thanks for coming up here,'” Asher said.

Having her dad next to her gave Lillie some comfort.


Some parents will do anything to make their children feel comfortable.

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