Man follows woman home with a deadly weapon—but when he threatens her—she won’t back down

"It's either fight or die"
January 10, 2018 12:03 pm Last Updated: January 10, 2018 1:43 pm

Most people spend their New Year’s Eve celebrating with their family and friends, and having a good time. But there are others who bite the bullet, and work that night, through the countdown and beyond. Lillian Germond is one of these people.

Germond, 27, an artist, student, and restaurant employee had just rung in the 2018 New Year by working a late shift at a Seattle restaurant. The server was done at around 3 AM, and made her way back home. She found a parking spot a block away from her apartment, and started walking.

She then noticed a man that was walking was behind her, but thought nothing of it. Given that it was only three hours since the ball dropped, Germond assumed that he was one of the many people that were still celebrating that night, so she kept walking.

(Unsplash / Nathaniel Watson)

When she reached her apartment complex, he was still behind her; she held the door open for the man, assuming he lived in the complex as well.

But then he ran up to her with something in his hand.

The man following her was wielding a machete.

By the time Germond had realized what he had, it was too late. He told her, “Don’t move,” as she was up against one of her neighbor’s doors inside the complex.


(Unsplash / Frederico Almedia)

She told The Seattle Times that she offered her bag to the stranger, telling him, “Here, you can have everything.”

But he declined. The man’s intentions were unclear, but it seemed sure that he meant some harm to her. But then Germond came to a sudden conclusion.

“I realized, ‘This is it. I’m going down,'” she said. Germond thought to herself, “I’m going to kick this guy’s ass.”

Germond had always learned from her father, who was a retired cop, to defend herself. She actually has done 10 years of taekwondo, which her father pretty much forced her to learn. She initially viewed the lessons as a chore, but in this instance, she was quick to put it to use.

While up against the wall, the girl grabbed the man’s machete, and started screaming for her boyfriend, Chauncey Arkfield. This led to a struggle with the man.

Footsteps were heard, which meant her boyfriend was coming. And when the man realized this, he tried running away. But Germond didn’t let him.

The tables had turned on this assailant pretty quickly. And by the time Arkfield got down the stairs to the scuffle, his girlfriend had the attacker in a headlock!

With the combined efforts of the couple, the man was disarmed and subdued until police arrived.

(Pexels / Pixabay)

Besides a few scrapes and bruises, the couple was okay. And once Germond’s father heard about what happened, he knew that the years of training her paid off.

“She’s a warrior woman and she’s trained all her life to do this,” he told The Seattle Times.

He also encourages other women to train early on so that they can avoid situations like this.

His daughter easily could’ve let the stranger run away, but Germond said herself that “I didn’t want him to do this to someone else.”

Germond hopes that her story will help inspire others to stand up for themselves, and to never let their guard down, no matter how safe they think their neighborhood is.

A self-defense class every now and then can not only help you stay on your toes, but end up saving your life, as well.