Man flies drone around beach—but what he sees has him screaming for a child to get out of the water

January 10, 2018 10:05 am Last Updated: January 10, 2018 4:53 pm

The beach is a source of endless enjoyment for all ages. Whether it be swimming around in the water, building a sandcastle, playing volleyball, or even scanning the sand with a metal detector for buried treasure, there’s something nearly everyone can do for fun.

And when people decide to go for a swim in the ocean water, they never truly expect anything bad to happen to them. For a small number of people, however, they end up having to deal with a life-threatening situation.

The ocean is a beautiful, yet occasionally dangerous place.

(Naomi Tamar/Unsplash)

With recent technological innovations, some people have begun capturing the beauty of the ocean and beaches with drones and their attached cameras, recording absolutely incredible footage and images that were never possible before.

This is exactly what Artem Tkachenko was doing one day recently in the Bahamas—but what caught his eye wasn’t the scenery.

He saw something terrifying.

(Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot)

Tkachenko was having a fun, relaxing day at the beach, when he decided to fire up the drone and get a better look at the water from above.

But his day was about to take quite an unexpected turn.

As he stared at the crystal clear water, suddenly he saw something swimming in the water. Realizing what he was seeing, he turned his attention away from the drone and instead to the shallow part of the beach, where a young boy was playing.

“Run! Run!” Tkachenko began yelling.

A group of sharks was swimming towards the beach.

(Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot)

In a horrifying scenario, a young boy was playing alone in the water and couldn’t see the approaching sharks. No one else sitting by the beach could see them either. As the sharks began to draw nearer and nearer, looking ready to strike, Tkachenko’s cries only grew louder, hoping the boy would get out as soon as possible.

The video captured by Tkachenko’s drone captured the entire heart-stopping scene. Fortunately, the boy heard Tkachenko and quickly made his way out of the water. Thanks to the drone’s unique vantage point and Tkachenko’s watchful eye, the boy got out just in time. 

The boy escaped, but it was a close call.

(Inside Edition/Youtube Screenshot)

As for Tkachenko, he received media attention for his actions, and was praised as a hero by many.

However, Tkachenko feels that he was just enjoying his day like everyone else, when a situation presented itself and he had to step in. If faced with a similar situation in the future, he hopes other people will do the same.

Watch the full footage of the incident below.