Man discovers dog missing after Amazon package is delivered. When he emails Jeff Bezos—it’s crazy

“A couple of hours later he called again and said, ‘Can you describe your dog?’"
May 24, 2018 5:09 pm Last Updated: May 24, 2018 5:09 pm

Richard Guttfield of Marsworth, England, loves his two miniature schnauzers. 

On April 27, Guttfield was in a building next door to his house, when he heard a delivery driver drop off a parcel containing dog food for his beloved pooches. He returned home and found the parcel, but there was something wrong.

One of Guttfield’s dogs, Wilma, was missing.

Guttfield’s other dog was still in the house, leading him to wonder if 11-month-old Wilma might have bolted out of the door when a driver delivered a package. The Amazon parcel was left inside of the porch, instead of the designated location.

“[He] should have left [it] in the safe box up the drive,” 51-year-old Guttfield told Buzzfeed. “He opened two unlocked doors to the house.”

Guttfield quickly set out in search of Wilma. In addition to filing a missing dog report online, he searched for her on foot with the help of some kind volunteers.

Friends made and posted flyers around town, they checked nearby surveillance footage, and countless others offered emotional support. He also reached out to Amazon for help.

“I called Amazon in case the driver had accidentally let her out or seen her,” he told The Sun. But he wasn’t having much luck getting a response.

Ultimately, it was the email sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that made a difference.

Against all odds, Guttfield’s sister emailed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and explained the situation in hopes of getting Wilma back. Bezos makes his email address public and encourages Amazon users to voice their grievances to him directly.

“I had no real suspicions, so I explained it was not a witch hunt. I said I just wanted to know if the driver could help us narrow down the search,” Guttfield told The Sun.

The message was passed on to an Amazon employee and he contacted the driver, who works for an independent contractor, about Wilma. The driver said he didn’t see any dogs, but the Amazon employee, identified as Rob Levy, followed up on a hunch.

Levy personally went to the driver’s house and couldn’t believe what he found there.

“A couple of hours later he called again and said, ‘Can you describe your dog?’ I described her and he said ‘she is here with me right now,'” Guttfield said.

To the shock and delight of everyone, Wilma was found safe and unharmed.

Posted by Richard Guttfield on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Guttfield was delighted, and four days of stress and frantic searching were finally over.

“Rob at Amazon UK was simply wonderful,” Gutterfield said in a Facebook post.

“He didn’t listen to the driver when he said he didn’t remember the dogs and he went to the driver’s home and found Wilma and brought her straight back, Thanks Rob!”

Levy couldn’t disclose how he found Wilma, as the incident is still under investigation. But he said the driver will no longer be delivering Amazon packages for the independent parcel delivery service.

It is believed the onboard GPS in the delivery van showed the driver return to his home before continuing his deliveries, according to The Sun.

Guttfield hopes to parlay all the attention he and Wilma are getting for the greater good. He is currently trying help a dog named Sprocket find his way home, and attached a photo at the bottom of his Facebook post.

“There was the tremendous support from all of of you, I had nonstop messages and calls wishing me well I am so very fortunate to have amazing friends like you,” Guttfield said.