Man convinces owner to release dog from slaughterhouse and showers him with kindness

He had to negotiate with the owner for the dog's freedom as it is legal to trade dog meat in Cambodia
July 2, 2018 3:46 pm Last Updated: July 2, 2018 5:20 pm

Sweety the dog had been treated like a piece of meat, in a depressingly literal way. She was being held in a slaughterhouse in Cambodia facing terrible treatment while waiting to be killed for her meat.

She was hungry and thirsty but, above all else, she was afraid. It’s hard not to be when you’ve watched your cage-mates dying right before your eyes. Still, recently Sweety saw a glimmer of hope and his name was Michael Chour.

Michael Chour visited a slaughterhouse in Cambodia and convinced the owner to release just 1 dog.

(The Sound Of Animals/Screenshot)

Chour is the founder of a rescue group known as The Sound of Animals. According to their website, the group has spent the past decade fighting the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia.

On May 1, 2018, Chour visited a slaughterhouse  in Chomkachek, Cambodia, where almost a dozen dogs were held inside a small cage.

It is not illegal in Cambodia to sell dog meat, so for Chour to rescue the dogs he must negotiate with the owner. He spoke to the place’s owner and he agreed to release one of his dogs.

Chour fell in love with a dog named Sweety.

(The Sound Of Animals/Screenshot)

The dog that was chosen to be rescued was Sweety. They also managed to rescue a puppy called Leo. Though it was heartbreaking to leave the other dogs behind, Chour was grateful to have rescued her. And he quickly formed a bond with her.

After transporting her to a shelter in the town of O Smach, Chour lifted her up and out of the transport cage. She was frightened for a second but soon she was at peace.

She hadn’t ever been held like this before. She had never met a human being who had kissed her on the face like Chour did. She was calm, she was happy, but most importantly she was safe. Chour kissed her head, gave her pets, and gave her some words of encouragement.

“Nobody will kill you, my girl,” he said in a video. “I promise you we’ll take care of you.”

(The Sound Of Animals/Screenshot)

He held her in his arms for an hour and a half before finally putting her down. Once she was back on the ground, she was noticeably more relaxed despite her strange new location.

According to a Facebook post, Sweety was eventually moved to The Sound of Animals’s Blue Dream Shelter in Thailand. There she has been socializing with the other dogs and feeling very happy.

Chour loved her so much that he adopted her as his own personal pet!

“All dogs have the right to a life of happiness, but some of them touch my heart more than others,” he told The Dodo. “She is one of them.”