Man buys lottery ticket just to break his money and ends up winning the jackpot

That's crazy lucky!
June 30, 2018 5:29 pm Last Updated: June 30, 2018 5:29 pm

We’ve all bought things we didn’t need just for the sake of getting some change from the cashier. Sometimes you need to break your cash into smaller bills, and some small purchase like a pack of gum will do the trick.

But when one New York couple made change, they left with more money than ever expected.

William Williams, from the Bronx, recently went to C&N Liquor to break a $100 bill to buy perfume.

“I needed to make change … so I bought a Lottery ticket,” Williams said.


Williams purchased a $20 scratch-off ticket to break the bill for he and his girlfriend Michelle Concepcion. It might seem crazy, but he had won pretty big before and hoped luck might strike again.

“I chose the $5Million Fortune ticket because I won $700 on it in the past,” he said.


Williams got his change for the perfume. Back at home, he scratched off the ticket—and realized he was about to have a lot more big bills to break up.

He won the jackpot!

The couple became the lucky winners of the actual $5 million fortune.

“When I realized I won and ran out and told Michelle immediately,” he told the New York Lottery.

The couple decided to split the winnings, and each received $1,582,600 after withholdings. 


The couple said they plan to use their prize money to help out family, and to open a motor bike shop.

It was a totally random impulse buy made just to make some change—and ended up altering the course of their lives.