Man breaks promise to his wife—but when she sees what he’s done, she won’t be mad for long

March 31, 2018 2:31 pm Last Updated: March 31, 2018 2:31 pm

Every man knows that lying to your wife never ends well. But one man’s broken promise turned out to to be the best decision he’s ever made … and his wife might just be willing to give him a pass this time.

Earlier in March, Oliver Davis Jr., a civil servant from Portsmouth, Virginia, was out picking up some groceries at the local Food Lion. But when he spotted the Dollar Delites convenience store in the same parking lot, suddenly he was feeling lucky.

“I just kept having this feeling, this itch that says ‘you’re a winner, you’re a winner.’”

(Virginia Lottery/Screenshot)

Davis was suddenly tempted to go in and buy a lotto scratch-off from the store, just like he used to … but there was one thing holding him back:

He promised his wife he wouldn’t buy any more lotto tickets.

“I was still hesitant about coming in because I told my wife I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

Davis entered the store anyway, at first to say hello to Hershel, the man who ran the store.

But then, temptation won out: he asked Hershel for a scratch off. He bought a Virginia Lottery “Super Cash Frenzy” ticket.

(Virginia Lottery/Screenshot)

Davis checked the ticket right there in the store … and honestly felt a bit guilty about it.

“I was scratching it the whole time thinking ‘my wife… I promised her I wouldn’t do this anymore!’” Davis said. “I kept scratching and said I’d just do it this once.”

As it turned out, he wouldn’t need to play again.

Davis scratched the card to reveal a “40,” which matched the number at the top. He realized the card was a winner. He wasn’t too excited—he assumed that he had won something along the lines of $30.

Then he realized how much he had really won:

He won the jackpot of $4 million dollars!

Davis was in disbelief: “Can you tell me, is this for real?” he asked Hershel. The odds of winning the top prize were one in 1,285,200. But it was real, and on March 23 he returned to the shop to claim his prize.

(Virginia Lottery/Screenshot)

Davis ended up opting for a one-time cash option of $2.6 million over the full $4 million over 30 years. Still a pretty incredible sum of money. And his friends at the Dollar Delites got a $10,000 bonus for selling him the ticket.

The newly-minted millionaire doesn’t have any plans for his winnings yet, other than aiming to use it on his family.

(Virginia Lottery/Screenshot)

His plans should go over well with his wife. Davis may have gone behind his wife’s back, but in this one case, it turned out to be a smart move.

“I broke a promise, but I think she’ll forgive me this time,” Davis told the Virginia Lottery.