Man falls and breaks his ankle while proposing — and his girlfriend still says yes

December 9, 2017 1:22 pm Last Updated: December 9, 2017 4:47 pm

There is a lot of pressure nowadays for a person to create the perfect proposal for their spouse-to-be. People go to great lengths to make sure their proposal is memorable and that the person they are proposing to says yes.

Some people throw parties and surprise their partner, some people propose in a more intimate setting, and others pop the question during events like basketball games. No matter where and how they propose, the gesture is always fun to share with friends and family afterward.

But sometimes in the midst of romance, something does not go nearly as planned. John Dardis found this out when he popped the question to his girlfriend, Suzannah Newham.

John had everything planned out perfectly.


John recently planned a romantic weekend in the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England. The two stayed in a fancy hotel surrounded by beautiful views.

Part of his plan was to take Suzannah along the cliffs so he could pop the question. Everything seemed to be going well, until…

Poor John fell for Suzannah — literally.

(Twitter/ Newquay Coastguard)

Things got rocky for John! As the two walked along the cliffs and as he begins to pull the ring out to propose, he slipped on uneven ground and broke his ankle. The couple had to call the coast guard because at this point, John could not move.

But John did not let a broken ankle stop the show. Instead of waiting for another chance to propose, John proposed to Suzannah while waiting for help.

Suzannah accepted his proposal!

The two even had a photo shoot involving the coast guards, who were more than happy to jump in.

John and Suzannah’s romantic getaway still turned out great, and the coastguards later gifted them with champagne.

Congratulations John and Suzannah!