Man bravely rescues kitten stuck high up in a tree after fireworks scared it off

"I was scared that we were never going to get her back"
July 11, 2018 1:50 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2018 1:50 pm

-Alice and Travis Murphy, 8, are twins. But more than sharing a birthday, they share an unending love for their family cat, Stormy.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 4, they also shared a night of restlessness and worry. Their beloved cat, spooked by the loud fireworks and festivities, escaped from their Auburn, California, home and ran up a nearby tree.

With no way of getting to the top of the tree themselves, they worried their precious kitty would be lost forever.

“We don’t want to lose her because she’s like the cutest kitty on earth,” Travis told KCRA.

The Murphy family, desperate to get Stormy back, called Kenny Speck of Speck and Sons Tree Trimming to climb the tree and fetch her. Speck estimates he’s saved hundreds of animals and pets from similar situations over the years.

“July 5 is when animals get weirded out from the Fourth of July fireworks,” Speck said to KCRA. “So they’ll climb up trees, run away, and do different things.”

Speck used the tall pine tree to hold his weight and strapped himself into a harness. He climbed high above the ground and into the treetops, until Stormy was at last within reach.

“[Pets] get scared when they’re up there all night,” Speck said. “All they hear is the coyotes and all the wild animals. So, it’s new for them—they’re scared!”

Before trying to grab Stormy, Speck made sure she was calm and wouldn’t dart away when he reached for her. His years of practice and experience proved to be invaluable, and before long, he was descending with Stormy.

Alice holds Stormy in her arms after the rescue. (Screenshot via Facebook/ KCRA)

The twins were thrilled to have Stormy safely in their arms, and away from the dangers of Mother Nature. Alice hugged her close as Travis smiled from ear to ear.

“I was scared that we were never going to get her back,” Alice said. “I knew she was safe—but I was still kind of worried.”

Speck said Fourth of July is one of the busiest animal rescue days. And while Tree Trimming is what pays his bills, Speck finds personal fulfillment in helping the animals.

“When I get down to the bottom of the tree—and these kids that have been without the cat, worried and talking about him—they’re just so happy,” Speck said. “That just does it for me.”

Auburn man comes to the rescue after fireworks scare off cat

8-year-old twins Alice and Travis Murphy weren't sure if they'd see their pet again after fireworks scared off Stormy the cat. Then Kenny Speck stepped in. STORY >>

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