Man awoken when dog starts barking weirdly at 6AM. What he sees outside—he’s frantically dialing 911

"I noticed his bark was a little bit different"
January 27, 2018 4:24 pm Last Updated: January 27, 2018 4:24 pm

It’s like an episode of Lassie come to life.

Joe Newman, from Pittsburg, California, lives on a channel right near the Pittsburg Marina. He has his faithful Labrador Retriever, Moe, for company.

But at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, Moe woke his owner up—and it was clear something was wrong.

(Facebook/Pittsburg Police Department, Pittsburg, CA)

The excited dog was clearly trying to get Newman’s attention, to alert him of something. But Newman could tell it must’ve been something out of the ordinary:

“I noticed his bark was a little bit different,” he told KPIX.

“He wasn’t as aggressive … he seemed to have a more subdued bark than he would have if it was a raccoon or another dog.”

(CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

So he followed the retriever outside—and quickly realized what Moe was trying to show him.

There was an old man in the water.

The stranger had fallen into the water right outside Newman’s home. He had only been in the water for five minutes—but the icy temperature of the water put him in danger.

“I came downstairs and got a flashlight and I heard the guy talking,” Newman recalled. “He was halfway in the water sitting on the rocks.”

“He said he needed help.”

(CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

Newman helped the man out of the freezing water and onto dry land, then called 911.

Soon, an ambulance arrived and the old man was taken in for medical treatment. Luckily, the victim is safe and making a full recovery.

But things could’ve gone very differently if Moe hadn’t been there to intervene.

(CBS SF Bay Area/Screenshot)

When the Pittsburg Police got a hold of the story, they hailed Moe has a hero, crediting him for saving the man’s life.

They rewarded him with treats and gave him a shout-out on Twitter:

And of course, Newman is very proud of his friend:

“Moe’s a hero!”