Man asks young boy what he wants for Christmas. The surprising answer—’I don’t want to do it for me’

“I said, ‘well, I didn’t ask you, I asked him’”
March 28, 2018 11:22 am Last Updated: March 28, 2018 11:22 am

It’s easy to forget, in our world of smart-phones and high technology, that there are some people out there for whom life is quite difficult. For the children of these families, life can be even harder; children cannot understand socio-economic problems the same way adults can. In these cases, those financial issues can sometimes lead to bullying, or disappointing birthdays or gift-giving holidays.

But for these kids, there is one man out there looking to give them some relief and put smiles back on their faces.

After an accident that forced him to retire from his profession, this North Carolina man then began a life devoted to making those less fortunate kids happy.

Darryl James was inspired by a heartbreaking encounter with a young boy.

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Just three years ago, Pender, NC resident Darryl James was diagnosed with vertigo — a condition affecting his balance. This meant that he was now unable to continue working his heavy equipment mechanic job, as it was too dangerous. However, James is not one to keep idle. After his diagnosis, he immediately started looking for ways to keep himself busy.

A chance encounter gave him all the inspiration he needed.

“A little kid came up to me and we were talking and I asked him what he wanted for Christmas,” James told WECT News. “And he goes, ‘a bike.’”

His mother quickly interjected. She told James that she would not be able to afford one for her son and not to put ideas into his head.

“I said, ‘well, I didn’t ask you, I asked him,’” James told WECT News. “‘So, if it’s okay with you, he will have a bike come Christmas.’”

So began James’ great mission to bring smiles to North Carolina’s less-fortunate kids.

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True to his word, James delivered his first bike completely free of charge.

“When this kid said all he wanted for Christmas was a bike, it was so touching,” James told WECT News. “I’m like, ‘ya know, I can do this.’”

And so began his great mission to provide bikes to children and families unable to afford them.

James gets his bikes through donations, though sometimes he buys them out of pocket. He then repairs them himself and hand donates them to needy families.

“I don’t want to do it for me,” James told WECT News. “I want to do it for the kids.”

“I love helping anybody…”

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And he’s still going strong — repairing bikes and donating them completely free of charge.

This past December, for instance, he got in touch with Rocky Point Elementary School, in Wilmington, to see if anyone was in need of bikes. Unfortunately, there were plenty of less fortunate kids in need of bikes. But, thankfully, James was there for them; in total, he delivered 28 bikes for all of them.

“It’s one of those things that it touches me because I have parents in tears and I have kids that are just overjoyed,” James said according to WECT News. “So every one that I give away and see a smile is a blessing because I’ve seen that I have helped to bless them to get something to make their lives better.”

Though his generosity might be surprising, for James, it’s just one way to give back.

“I love helping anybody because I never know when my day is gonna come when I need help,” James told WECT News.


James works all-year-round. So, if you know anyone in North Carolina in need of bike, feel free to drop this incredible man a line at his Facebook page, here.

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HEARTWARMING: Bringing joy to kids, one FREE bike at a time.A Pender Co. man was looking for something to do to fill his time after he was put out of work and put on disability when he stumbled into his new calling – repairing old bikes to give to kids.

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