Magician has an awesome trick to overcome painful and tough times

He uses a balloon to explain it
July 6, 2018 6:09 pm Last Updated: July 6, 2018 6:09 pm

Jonathan Jacques is a philanthropist, magician and motivator who has been featured by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, BuzzFeed, and various other outlets and businesses.

He makes viral videos like this one that inspires, and motivates people to overcome pain and hardship, make difficult decisions and strive to improve their lives by accomplishing their goals.

Jacques makes a point about letting go of pain and not dwelling on it, which would intensify it. Instead, he recommends taking positive actions to move in a direction that is more aligned with what you wish to accomplish in your life.

Here he says “You need to have things to work towards during the tough times. So, if you just lost your job don’t just sit around for a month. Send out 50 resumes the next week. If you’re bullied at school tell someone about, then make it a goal to make three new friends who are positive and who are there for you.”

He discusses using goals to keep you focused, so you don’t inflate pain more than necessary. When you’re positive, both physical and mental pains decrease and you’re also making positive progress.

Some pain may be impossible to avoid, for that we can practice forbearance, to learn to endure hardships while still going forward.

He discusses how pain can sometimes be used to motivate you, and he suggests to instead, replace idleness and negativity with taking a positive action to move toward something good and just let go.

Nothing lasts forever, even bad times’ end, but we don’t notice until the darkness has passed, and the sun is just on the horizon. Moving toward being positive, makes it easier to endure bad times, and can even become a motivator when we go through negative experiences.

This advice, if applied, really can work like the magic trick he performs in the clip.