“Magic” trick done by a jokester grandma will make you laugh!

May 10, 2017 4:42 pm Last Updated: May 10, 2017 4:42 pm

The secret of a successful marriage is still not fully known. It appears to be a combination of luck and desire to work on the relationship, and to improve yourself, as part of the dynamic. But while these factors are important, one key ingredient is a must and that is humor. It looks like the pair shown in the video knows that very well.

 When Marietta Spencer Tyks – wife of Tommy Tyks, told her husband that she had a magic trick to show him, he didn’t suspect anything. She placed an open water bottle, a penny, and a towel on the table. She placed the open water bottle on top of a penny then the towel over it and said that now the penny is inside the bottle.
Marietta Spencer Tyks doing her “magic” ?

The unsuspecting husband came over and looked into the bottle to see the results of the trick. What happened next is something you have to witness yourself.

As we can see you can have a good relationship for a very long time with your spouse, it’s just the matter of good attitude and lightheartedness, which was the real magic presented on this video. As Tyks says, “I am so grateful for my husband’s great sense of humor and that he laughed at himself too. I love him dearly.”