Lynea has lived with 28,000 cats – no kidding!

May 23, 2017 8:25 pm Last Updated: May 23, 2017 8:25 pm

28,000 cats! That’s how many felines this cat sanctuary owner, Lynea Lattanzio, has lived with over the years! That in itself is amazing, but watching the video and seeing the current 1,100 cats that are sprawled out across her shelter is incredible. Ask her why she likes cats and she will tell you because they are beautiful, graceful, and she really enjoys watching and taking care of them.

The Cat House On The Kings is California’s largest sanctuary for cats. They live inside and outside. They had to move out of her home to accommodate them all! She does, however, have a “cat-free zone” she can use when she needs a break. In 1992, Lynea started by rescuing 15 kittens, which quickly grew to 96 not long after. She spent her retirement, sold her car and wedding ring, and became a Vet Tech herself to keep costs down. The first 7 years of operation was paid for all out of her own pocket.

They have a veterinarian come once a week now to check on the animals now. She also has separate quarantined areas for sick cats and elderly cats and, well, way too many specialized areas to even mention! It’s grown to be more than a $1 million organization.