Loving granddaughter arranges special photo-shoot to celebrate her nan turning 90

July 10, 2017 1:25 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2017 1:25 pm

When Ethel Ford, an Australian grandmother, turned the big “Nine-O,” her family decided to make use of a new fad for her party, one that came along with a photo-shoot that went viral!

Just what on earth is a “smash cake?”

Turning 90 is the best time to get your hands dirty and have a little fun!!!

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A “smash cake” is a trend usually intended for babies celebrating their first birthday. It is a small cake intended for the baby alone to eat, and the name derives from just how the baby eats said cake… by smashing it! This trend is pretty recent, so anyone old enough to read this is probably not going to remember having a “smash cake” for their first birthday. Not that most people remember their first birthday, anyway!

Ford may have been older than the normal demographic, but her granddaughter, Brigitte Godwin, the owner of Pardon my French Photography, decided she at least deserved her own personal cake, complete with a whole photo-spread!

Nothing will EVER compare to seeing your Nan tipsy for first time!

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“I just thought it’d be fun. She’s turning 90. Why not get your hands dirty?” Godwin explained.

“I didn’t tell her. That’s the best part of it.”

Ford was none the wiser when her granddaughter invited her to her studio for breakfast, but she reportedly was a good sport during the whole arrangement. Donning a tiara and a tutu, Ford took a few photos enjoying her own cake, although she kept her composure, unlike a few babies who get their own cakes!

But she still got her hands dirty.

All in all, the two enjoyed each other’s company for the day, having champagne, listening to old music, and taking photos.

Touching up my special little old lady's lipstick for her cake smash session! 💄❤💋

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Yet, her favorite photo had nothing to do with cake…

Despite all the work that went into the “cake smash,” Godwin’s favorite photo was that of Ford, out of costume, holding her wedding photo.

18 year old Nan vs 90 year old Nan! Just as beautiful as ever!!! #CanonAustralia @canonaustralia

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“I love when she tells us stories from the good old days,” Godwin said in an interview with ABC News.

“I love listening to the stories of her growing up because it’s very different from today’s generation.”

Once upon a time there lived a princess… who rocked a 90th cake smash photo session in a tiara and tutu!!!! Thanks @kmartaus for the backdrop and balloons!!!

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