Family get home to find door scarily ajar. When they tentatively go inside—shocked by sight on couch

It was not what they first thought
January 29, 2018 4:53 pm Last Updated: January 29, 2018 4:53 pm

Having someone break into your house is usually a scary experience, and often results in property damage or missing valuables. No one wants to arrive home to see their door left ajar—the terrifying possibilities are endless.

However, imagine coming home one day to find… a dog, you’ve never seen before, on your couch. For some dog lovers, this would be a dream come true. Other people might be a bit concerned. Either way, it’d make for a great story to tell your friends.

Tom Sluit and his family returned to their home in Michigan one day to find their side door open and a skinny pooch snuggled up on their couch.

Sluit told Fox 17 News the family’s first thought was, “Is it a raccoon or a person?”

After a closer inspection, the Sluits realized that they’ve in fact seen the dog before. His name is River, and they had seen his “missing” posters hanging around.

Immediately, they contacted River’s owner, Jean Strobel. Strobel had only recently adopted River before he’d gone missing.

She was distressed and had been looking for him for a week.

To find him, Strobel teamed up with an organization called Lost Paws. Lost Paws helps owners locate lost pets; they were the ones who put up River’s “missing” posters and were keeping up with possible sightings via social media.

River had made it especially difficult to be tracked down. He was always on the move, showing up at one place one day but being miles away the next.

However, the Sluits’ house wasn’t far from Strobel’s—only a mile and a half away. When Strobel received the call regarding River, she almost couldn’t believe it.

After a long, wild goose chase, she was shocked and elated to find River somewhere so close to home.

Michigan winters are cold, especially for a skinny pup. River most likely broke into the Sluits’ house to stay warm. Thankfully, River is back home in the warm now, where he’s doing well and steadily gaining back weight.

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