London cops out on burglary patrol find ‘unusual’ baby—its mom was happy to have it back

November 8, 2017 7:19 pm Last Updated: November 8, 2017 7:19 pm

Sprawled out on the hard concrete lay a vulnerable newborn squirrel. Cops on patrol passed by just in time and saved it. By tracking its mom down, the sweet little thing was able to be reunited with her.

Police on burglary patrol happened to stumble upon a newborn critter sprawled out on a street in Hackney, northeast London. The baby, unfortunately, got separated from its mom and was now at the mercy of the elements. When the cops spotted it, they immediately picked it up ever so gently. It was so tiny it was even smaller than the officer’s palm.

Hackney Police tweeted, “Not what you normally find on burglary patrols,” alongside photographs of the rescue.

It’s believed the mother squirrel dropped its baby by accident while they were moving to another nest, ITV News reported.

The baby squirrel rescue story won hearts across Twitter, with all sorts of words of praise for the cops.

One wrote, “Police save baby squirrel. My favourite cop story of the day.”

“Thank you, for being caring of a helpless, little one. It takes a big heart to save the tiniest among us,” wrote another.

Whilst another wrote, “Thank you so much for saving this teeny tiny squirrel”

These cops have done a great service to the neighborhood!