Little girls were positive their cashier was famous Disney character—but freak out at how he reacts

January 15, 2018 9:54 am Last Updated: January 15, 2018 9:51 pm

Disney movies have a certain magic about them that has kids really connecting with their characters. Whether it’s because they emulate princesses like Elsa or want to grow up to be a strong warrior like Hercules, the wide variety of movies they have in their catalogs have something everyone can enjoy. The more recent movies, however, have been shown to be particularly popular with the newest generation.

Ryley and Rylyn are two sisters who especially love the animated instant Disney classic, Moana. Becoming obsessed with the characters, the two even live in Hawaii. Though the girls love the show’s protagonist, Moana, they also have a soft spot for the chilled out demigod, Maui.

They never expected that they’d meet Maui in real life.

One day the girls were taking a routine trip to Costco with their mother, Rella Rivera. Grabbing things from the aisles, it was only when they went to check out that the girls noticed a certain person.

A cashier at the store remarkably resembled Maui.

Growing excited as they got in his line and waited, the two girls began talking about how much he looked like Maui.  

“Maui!” one of them said.

“That’s Maui!”

(Rella On the radio/Youtube Screenshot)

Finally, it was their turn to meet the real-life “Maui.” In the animated film, Maui is a big, muscular character who is covered in tattoos and has long hair, a description that also fits the cashier. Maui also has a certain charming personality that really gets people on his side.

Now face-to-face with “Maui,” Rivera was unsure how he would react to her daughters. His physique matched the character, but did his friendly personality?

Rivera was about to be blown away.

As “Maui,” whose real name is William Va’ana, began checking out their groceries, he quickly became charmed by the girls’ accusations. Flashing a mischievous smile, he called the girls to come around to him. Pretending to be Maui, he took a few moments to play along with them. When he was done, the girls walked back to their mother with huge grins on their faces.

“It brought so much joy to my face to see how excited the girls were,” Rivera shared with International Business Times.

Va’ana was unsurprised by the girl’s whispers and points, and even happy to help keep the Disney magic alive for them.

“There were pictures posted in the comments of other kids who have pointed him out in Costco and he was nice enough to take pictures with them as well,” Rivera shared.  

“He’s so awesome for doing that.”

Now Rivera says her girls are always excited to go to Costco so they can visit Va’ana. With their interaction going viral following her sharing it on YouTube, Va’ana is likely to have a lot more children doing similarly in the future. So far it’s hit 700,000 views and is showing no signs of slowing down as more major media outlets report on it.