Little girl with chronic, incurable disease falls 30 feet down a tree—and is miraculously cured

September 3, 2017 2:32 pm Last Updated: October 19, 2017 2:12 pm

Eight-year-old Annabel Beam had had a chronic abdominal problem for as long as she could remember. She could take in food just fine, but her body just would not digest most of it, and she was bloated and in severe pain every couple of days. Doctors prescribed a litany of tests and drugs, and then declared there was no cure. She would constantly be in and out of hospitals.

Despite that, Annabel tried to keep positive and do everything a little girl her age would do. She and her two sisters constantly played together, keeping each others’ spirits up.

One day, they were playing in the woods near their home, and climbing trees. This was no unusual activity for the girls, but the tree Annabel decided to scale was different—it was completely hollowed out. Annabel then took a wrong step, and tumbled into the tree, falling 30 feet, all the way down.

Her sisters started screaming—Annabel had been swallowed by the tree. They ran as quickly as they could back to their house, yelling for their mother to come help.

“She was hysterical, and she was just tugging me and screaming, ‘Mommy, Annabel’s stuck in a tree!'” said Christy Beam, the girls’ mother. She assumed her other daughter had gotten stuck up a tree, which was not a cause for this much concern. She must have climbed too high—it wouldn’t be a problem to help her down.

“But no, Mommy, you don’t understand, come now,” her daughter insisted, pulling at her. Christy said alright, and followed as her daughters ran back to the tree.

But then her daughters pointed to an old looking tree, and Annabel was nowhere to be seen.

It hit her—Annabel had fallen into the hollowed out tree, and was now trapped inside. The little girl had tumbled down 30 feet to the bottom.

She frantically texted her husband to come help and called the police.

“I wanted more than anything to just reach right in and grab that little girl and bring her up into my arms and it was physically impossible,” Kevin Beam said.

He frantically looked for signs that his daughter was still alive. Annabel was too weak to verbally respond, but from the outside, Kevin could see her little hand reach out.

Firemen arrive and peered in with the help of flashlights. Annabel did not seem heavily injured, but it would be a difficult extraction. The hollowed tree was rotted, and one wrong move could send pieces of the tree collapsing in on the little girl.

Christy gathered her family and hoped for the best. They prayed, and she texted her dad and other relatives as well, asking for their thoughts to be with them.

Annabel attempted to climb out, but she was weak and she was in and out of consciousness. She saw what looked like a little step in the bark of the tree, but it was so muddy she couldn’t quite get up.

The firefighters were then able to lower down a makeshift harness, and Annabel got into it.

“Oh I’m finally going to get out of here,” Annabel whispered. It had been a harrowing, four-hour rescue.

No broken bones, no paralysis—everyone was hugely relieved and excited to see that Annabel was barely injured.

She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors also expressed shock that Annabel was practically perfect.

“We don’t ever have anyone fall 30 feet and not suffer paralysis or broken bones,” Christy remembers a doctor telling her.

But the medical miracles didn’t stop there.

It was about ten days after the accident that Kevin realized things were not normal.

“She’d never gone this long without hurting, without having a flare up for her stomach,” Kevin said. They went back to the doctors for a checkup, and the doctors were stunned. They decided to start taking her off her medications one by one, to see if anything happened.

But nothing did—even without treatment, Annabel was just perfect.

“She’s on zero medications today,” Christy said. She stopped having to see a specialist, and no longer needed any therapies. She is now able to eat without pain or bloating afterwards, and it has made such a difference. The entire family was grateful and ecstatic as her progress unfolded, and found it only strengthened their faith in miracles.

“It was just so much fun because I could make up for all the times I was sick on the couch,” Annabel said.