Little girl who survived horrifying burning learning to walk again

May 26, 2017 7:15 pm Last Updated: May 26, 2017 7:15 pm

A toddler defied the odds, according to doctors—recovering from scalding herself in boiling water and even learning to walk again after getting her leg amputated.

Tilly was only 15 months old at the time she was burned. (Source: YouTube/claire mcandrew)

Tilly Sawford had only a 5 percent chance of survival after she endured 85 percent burns when she was barely a year old. During a six month period in which she was under intensive care, her parents had been told that she would die around five different times, though she fortunately survived. At the age of 7, she has had more than 340 operations due to the accident. Although she fell head first into the hot water, the only place where she had been spared was her face.

Tilly won’t lose her smile in spite of what she’s went through. (Source: YouTube/claire mcandrew)

The burns have affected her walking mobility, and so Tilly currently uses a wheelchair to get around. Doctors then began a plan to replace her leg with a prosthetic one. According to The Mirror, her mother Emma has said that “I was a little bit upset at first when the doctors first gave us the news. But it’s got to be the best option for Tilly.

She later added, “She says she is getting a ‘robot leg’ and that she will be able to chase people around…We have got to try anything to get her back to where she wants to be—she wants to walk.”

Tilly’s been hailed as a hero in many circles. (Source: YouTube/claire mcandrew)

For the time being, Tilly was expected to start walking again within the following year. Fortunately, Tilly keeps a smile on her face regardless. According to the BBC, Tilly’s mother says that she even makes going to the hospital a game, “She will go into the anaesthetic room and she will be laughing with the surgeons – she loves the sleeping gas!” Beforehand, “It has been hard in the past few years seeing her go through so much pain.”

Tilly has received some accolades for keeping her spirit despite all that she endured, having won the Child of Courage at the Pride of Britain Awards and even got to meet Prime Minister Theresa May.