Little girl was almost abducted, but she fights off kidnapper and it was all caught on camera

September 3, 2017 3:56 pm Last Updated: November 24, 2017 6:16 pm

A 7-year-old girl was shopping with her mother at their local Walmart when they were separated merely an aisle away, and every parent’s worst nightmare occurred.

A man ran toward the girl, swiftly picked her up, and tried to run away with her.

But the second grader wasn’t going down without a fight—she immediately starts kicking and screaming, fighting off the man with her feet and fists, before he ends up dropping her and sprinting away in the other direction.

The entire ordeal was caught on a security camera.

The little girl, shaken after the fact, gives herself a moment before running away to find her mother.

“I was screaming and kicking and trying to get away,” said Brittany Baxter. “He was trying to put his hand over my mouth.”

“Then he dropped me and ran off,” she said.

Because the cameras caught it all, the police quickly put out an alert and within an hour, they had arrested the man.

He had only been recently released from state prison.

“I just thank the Lord that she got away,” said Randall Baxter, the girl’s father. Her mother, Georgeann, was terrified as well: “I’m thinking I’ll never let her out of my sight.”

Brittany was determinedly strong, however, and had some advice.

“Always scream and kick as hard as you can go get somebody you trust,” she advised.

Watch the video here