Little girl raises money for veteran heroes, but she never thought she’d actually get to meet one

November 8, 2017 4:24 pm Last Updated: November 9, 2017 9:38 am

Giving to charity is a great way to help others out. We can assist or cheer up people facing serious issues just by donating some money or resources. Still, it can be tough to wrap your head around what your donations actually do for people you might never meet.

Five and a half-year old Temperance “Tempy” Pattinson used to be in that boat, donating to organizations she believed in, assuming she’d probably never meet anyone directly affected by them.

Tempy had been partipating in athletic events for the past two years to raise money for Help for Heroes (H4H), a UK-based organization that helps out veterans who sustained injuries through The British Armed Forces. At 3 years old, she raised $70 (53 pounds) through a 100-meter swim. At 4, she competed in a mini-triathlon, despite being afraid of her bike, and raised $590 (450 pounds).

Temperance Pattinson meets Brown for the first time (Pretty 52/Screenshot)

Word soon got back to H4H, and the organization reached out to her family for a promotional series called “Facing it Together.” She met face-to-face with a man who had directly benefitted from her help, Iraqi War veteran Simon Brown. It was sort of a two-way interview. Once they introduced themselves, Pattinson could ask Brown whatever she liked and vice-versa.

Brown led off with the story of how he lost much of his vision.

“In 2006, I lost my vision when I was on a rescue mission in Iraq,” he said. “I was shot by a sniper but I was very fortunate to survive, and when I came home, I found out that I’d lost my sight. And I had to rebuild my life after being told I was going to be a blind man and leave the army.”

Pattinson was fascinated by the story and wanted to learn more. Where were you shot? How big was the bullet? These are the sort of questions Pattinson very respectfully asked. Brown was pleased by her curiosity and respect. So he asked her why she had decided to raise money for H4H.

Simon Brown explains his story to Pattinson (Pretty 52/Screenshot)

Pattinson responded, “Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us! I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money.”

After hearing of everything that Pattinson had done, Brown commented, “You like to challenge yourself, don’t you?”

The girl nodded and let out an enthusiastic “Yeah!” and said, “because the soldiers challenge themselves.” It was clear that Brown and his fellow veterans are heroes to Pattinson, and she holds a great deal of respect for them. And that respect seems to go both ways.

Brown and Pattinson, face-to-face (Pretty 52/Screenshot)

Brown explained, “It’s because of the challenges that you do and the money that you raise and the support you get that people like me can get better. So that’s why people like you are my heroes.”

The two ended the conversation with a celebratory fist bump. The mutual respect from the pair has garnered the video over 25 million views on The Sun’s website alone and has spread to several other sites. It’s clear that the video struck a chord with people. With so many people supporting causes just for recognition, it’s refreshing to see someone going the extra mile to support charity purely out of the goodness in their heart, especially someone as young as little Tempy.

I think that Brown hit it right on the money. You don’t have to fight in a war to be a hero. Anyone can be one, it just takes a little bit of support and effort.

[via Sharetap and The Sun]