Little girl kept running away from school—then police officer realizes why—blood runs cold

December 8, 2017 2:22 pm Last Updated: December 11, 2017 2:56 pm

A 6-year-old girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been dealing with many issues at school following a tragic ordeal that left her traumatized. According to Tulsa Police Department officer, Popsey Floyd, all of her issues stem from witnessing her parents being killed a couple of months back.

Floyd explained her situation in an emotional Facebook post that has touched many users of the social media platform.   

“There is a 6-year-old girl who witnessed her mother (and father) getting killed a couple of months ago. Since then she has been trying to run away from school almost daily,” Floyd shared in the post.

“She has a beautiful soul and she is really missing her mom right now.”

(Gerson Repreza/

In the wake of the deaths, the girl, whose name is Ivey, has been living with her grandmother. Joining Ivey is her older sister, Eve, who is 11. Both are said to be understandably devastated by the the loss of their parents.

Ivey’s behavior issues, however, have been creating tension among the family. Floyd’s been working hard trying to help her.

“She is currently living with her grandmother. She told me today that all she wants is cookies in cream ice cream,” Floyd went on to explain. “We made a deal, if she stops trying to run away from school, my wife and I will bring her ice cream.”

Because this will be the first Christmas the girls have had without their parents, Floyd has been trying to still give them a holiday experience that will be enjoyable. Already his department has had a tree dropped off for them, but now Floyd is hoping to take things to a further level. He used his Facebook post to share his idea.

“Tulsa I would like to give this little princess the best Christmas ever,” Floyd shared.  

“I would love to have you come with me and surprise her family with love and gifts.”

Floyd came up with the idea this week. Seeking help from his fellow police officers, he has been pulling out all the stops to deliver something special for the girls. He even started an wishlist of things the girls might want.

Following the post being shared, already people are said to be getting involved. Currently, the post has over 400 likes and 200 shares in addition to dozens of comments, many of which are from people explaining their gift ideas for the girls. Other commenters shared thoughts of how nice the idea is.

Floyd hopes that all this effort will make the girls who have suffered so much recently, be able for just a day feel a little bit better.

“If you can help with a gift, or come with me to deliver the gifts just let me know,” Floyd said.

For those potentially considering showing support or getting involved in helping Floyd surprise the girls, visit the Tulsa Police Riverside Division parking lot on Monday, December 18. Any gifts brought will be given directly to the girls. All are encouraged to participate.

Read Floyd’s full Facebook post below.