This adorable little girl couldn’t help but fall asleep while eating her pizza

May 23, 2017 2:45 pm Last Updated: May 23, 2017 2:45 pm

Have you tried eating while you were absolutely exhausted? You urge yourself to put food in your mouth only to be hindered by a overpowering grogginess. The state of choosing which of these two unwavering urgencies to give in to is extremely difficult.

We can see this fight between the need to eat and the need to sleep with this little girl. She can’t help but fall asleep at the dinner table. Although she loves the pizza on her plate, she continues to sleep as she eats.

Her father tried to wakes her up several times.

He poked her small nose.

And played with her mouth using his finger. However, she can’t seem to free herself from sleepiness.

Half-awake, she uses all that she has to eat the slice of pizza, Her surprising perseverance is really adorable.

Things get more hilarious as she kept on eating slowly while her body drags her back to sleep. Ultimately, the pizza fell from her grip, her father and sister burst with laughter which snapped her back again to reality. Realizing how ridiculously cute she was from the constant sleeping and eating, the little girl smiled.

The struggle is real!