College bus driver’s dream to sing in front of a big crowd comes true with students help

June 14, 2017 12:59 pm Last Updated: June 14, 2017 12:59 pm

“Some people sing in the shower, but I go beyond the shower,” says Larry Calloway, a bus driver for Georgetown University Transportation Service (GUTS), who has a passion for singing.

Calloway has been singing since he was five years old and gives credit to God for his ability to sing. “While I was praying, a song came to me — ‘this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.’ And when I got up off my knees, I just started singing it with such passion and I’ve been singing ever since,” Calloway said in an interview with The Hoya. He sings when he goes to the mall, when he’s at home, and certainly he sings when he drives the college bus.

“I just want to put a smile on somebody’s face,” Calloway said.

This isn’t some new thing the bus driver recently took up, he’s been singing for 50 years!

Calloway told The Hoya, Georgetown University’s student newspaper, that he can’t drive unless he sings and it’s clear that his passengers are grateful for the experience. One time a student handed Calloway some candy, to thank him for brightening their birthday.

Ever since he started at a young age, he dreamed of helping people using his gift for singing. Little did he know that singing would help him deal with a cancer diagnosis.

“I believe there is healing through songs. There is peace through songs. There is uplifting through songs. I want the world to hear the gift that God has given me!”

Calloway told Unsung Heroes, an organization which recognizes “the unsung heroes of college campuses,” that this past February doctors told him he had cancer. Doctors were able to remove a clump of cells and Calloway was able to power through it with song and prayer.

Shortly after Unsung Heroes posted his story on Facebook, students worked together to help Calloway accomplish his dream, sing in front of an audience and lift the spirits of those in the audience. In April the bus driver got to go on stage at the Georgetown Program Board Spring Kickoff Concert and sing with a student a cappella group. The concert was a success and it seemed like Calloway brought a lot of smiles to students’ faces.

“When I stepped on stage… it was like, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Now that Calloway has conquered the stage and sang live in front of hundreds of college students, he’s ready to share his voice with anyone who will listen.

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