Large dog abandoned in unbearable heat — but when a rescuer captures him, he nearly drags her away

December 1, 2017 3:24 pm Last Updated: December 1, 2017 5:32 pm

Animal rescuers often find it’s hard to build a dog’s trust once it’s been broken.

Poor Gershwin had been abandoned by his owner, and he was left all alone in the hot California sun to fend for himself for weeks.

(Hope For Paws/Screenshot)

A person who saw him recently called rescue organization Hope For Paws and waited two and a half hours for them to arrive.

And when they did, the dog was anything but compliant.

“As enormous as he was, Gershwin was afraid of men,” The male member of Hope For Paws said. Whenever they got close to him, he ended up running away. Even if they knew he wanted nothing to do with them, they couldn’t leave him out there in the hot sun.

One of the members, Loreta, tried to earn his trust and get close enough for them to take him in.

(Hope For Paws/Screenshot)

Loreta got closer to the dog than anyone else had done without scaring Gershwin off. She approached him slowly, with a catch pole in one hand, and some food in the other. She stayed on a patch of grass with the dog for a while, waiting for him to come near her—but he kept a safe distance.

They couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t come, until a man told Loreta, “He doesn’t like that you’re taller than him.”

Taking this advice, she crouched down closer to the ground. She was soon able to get a pole on the dog, and the rest of the team rushed in to help her.

They had to hurry, because she was being dragged around by Gershwin, who was 110 pounds!

(Hope For Paws/Screenshot)

Another catch pole was put on him, and it was only then that he calmed down.

(Hope For Paws/Screenshot)

Gershwin was then taken to a Hope for Paws center, where he was bathed, fed, and treated for a shoulder injury.

The once scared and lonely Gershwin is now a dog that’s lively and playful.

Gershwin is now looking for a forever home.

(Hope For Paws/Screenshot)

If it wasn’t for Hope For Paws, and the good Samaritan that called them, who knows what would have happened to Gershwin. At least one more dog today has the chance of a life with an owner that appreciates them.

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