It Looked Like Just a Few Rocks Falling Down a Mountain—Then the Unthinkable Happens

June 24, 2018 10:57 am Last Updated: June 24, 2018 10:57 am

Heavy rainfalls in developing nations like India can be disastrous for the populations affected by the water.

The most obvious reason the increased flooding, which can ruin what little power smaller areas have and can destroy quickly-built homes.

When the ground gets oversaturated by the storms, though, there are other potential side effects that are just as deadly to consider.

Construction crews were attempting to help develop an area along the Shimla-Tutikandi Bypass Crossing in Shimla, India just south of Kashmir.

Storms in recent weeks had seriously loosened the soil and compromised the integrity of the sides of the pass, though, and workers weren’t prepared when the loose ground finally gave out in the middle of their day.

In a spectacularly horrifying video filmed from across the way, the construction site—set up to build a new shopping enter and multi-story parking garage into the side of the pass—found itself directly in the way of a massive landslide seemingly without any warning at all.

At first, sand and dirt debris start to fall from the side of the pass, looking fairly innocuous.

Before long, though, bigger and bigger chunks of the pass start to fall. As you can hear in the recording, even across the way, the workers almost immediately figured out what was going on and began their desperate attempt to escape.

That’s not an experience they’ll likely forget any time soon!