Lady didn’t have enough cash for groceries—but when she tells clerk—reply makes her do a double take

"There was no reason for her to do this"
January 31, 2018 6:16 pm Last Updated: January 31, 2018 6:16 pm

Fears come in all different shapes and sizes and affect everyone. While many people are afraid of spiders or heights, there is a particularly frightening situation that no one ever wants to experience—being in line at a supermarket without the proper means to pay for the groceries.

A woman from Ireland knows how stressful it is to be short of cash.

(Clark Young/Unsplash)

Earlier this year, Jill Forbes was in line at the supermarket Lidl in Deansgrange, Ireland, when she realized she didn’t have enough money with her to pay the bill.

“On completing my shop, I found I did not have a credit card and only €20 cash on me to pay just under €70,” Forbes shared in a letter to The Irish Times.

Becoming very worried and embarrassed, Forbes was unsure what she was going to do. However, she explained her situation anyway.

“Aneta [the cashier], who did not know me from Adam, seeing my predicament immediately offered to use her own credit card and pay without any conditions,” Forbes continued.

The cashier offered to pay Forbes’ bill.

(ja ma/Unsplash)

Forbes was floored by the offer, which she gladly accepted. Thankful to keep the line moving and be able to take her groceries home, she told Aneta that she would surely pay her back.

“I promised to call in and pay the following day,” Forbes continued. “There was no reason for her to do this but she did and saved me great distress.”

With a simple act of kindness, Forbes was able to avoid a very uncomfortable situation.

“Now that’s customer service,” Forbes said. “Thank you Aneta.”

The Irish Times praised the actions of Aneta, saying they contributed to the “soundest customer service stories we have ever come across.” The site even went as far as to say that she deserved a raise.

Comments on Facebook also sounded off with similar words of praise.

“Well done Aneta, such a decent trusting gesture,” one commenter wrote.

“What a lovely thing to do,” wrote another.


The depth of empathy and compassion shown by Aneta is something really special and often rare in today’s day and age. Hopefully her actions will continue to inspire others to look out for one another.