Kitten tossed out of moving car was rescued by fellow drivers & finally finds its forever home

Its name is Tumbles
July 13, 2018 5:02 pm Last Updated: July 13, 2018 5:02 pm

Nebraska State Trooper Greg Goltz has seen a lot in his time working as an officer of the law. But on June 24, along Interstate-80 in Ohio, he encountered something that broke his heart.

A black SUV had pulled over on the side of the road. He thought they were having car trouble.

He learned that the couple had parked on the shoulder because they were rescuing a kitten they said was tossed out of a moving car in front of them. The kitten had cuts and scrapes, so Goltz took it to get medical attention.

But not before giving the 8-week-old kitten a name.

“Trooper Goltz contacted them when they had parked on the off ramp and advised them that the kitten needed a name. Its name is now Tumbles,” Nebraska State Patrol said in their Facebook post.

Tumbles was taken to the Aurora animal shelter, where it was looked after for the next few weeks. Being so young, and having already experienced trauma, the shelter wanted to take its time before finding Tumbles a new home.

But that didn’t stop adoption applications from pouring in. Tumbles, once discarded along a busy thoroughfare was now the toast of the town, and the Aurora Adopt A Pet had to close down application submissions due to their volume.

“She’s a doll,’’ Judy Hitzemann, director of the Aurora shelter said to the Omaha World-Herald.

As the staff sifted through potential cat parents, they eventually came across Spencer and Shelby Popple, a newlywed couple who’d recently adopted another kitten named Trip.

Hitzemann said the Popples were the “right fit,” and delivered them the good news.

“We were actually in Target when we got the phone call looking for some more cat toys for Trip,” Shelby said to KLKN.

“And so we’re like well this is perfect because now we can pick up the stuff that we need for Tumbles we can go get and we’re all set to have her here.”

Tumbles’ new family

This kitten now has a friend to play with and a family that adores her. According to the Popples, Tumbles is now a local celebrity, and everyone wants to know how she is doing.

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“When we went into work and people heard about it they said ‘oh you’re the one’s [sic] who have Tumbles,'” Shelby said.

“Even the vet was really excited when we called them and scheduled the appointment they were like ‘oh we get to meet Tumbles’ because they had heard about it on the news so she’s definitely a little superstar.”

Tumbles’ life didn’t get off to a smooth start, but her future is bright. The only reminders of her nightmarish ordeal, are a few scabs that haven’t yet healed.

The cuts on her head are going away, and the cut around the kitten’s nose has already disappeared. There were concerns about the swelling around her eye, but the family said it doesn’t appear to be an issue.

“We’re just glad we were chosen to adopt her,” Spencer said to Good News Omaha.

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