Kindhearted Hollywood celebrity fosters two puppies all the way from West Virginia

July 5, 2017 2:39 pm Last Updated: July 5, 2017 2:39 pm


Two puppies got the surprise of their lives when they needed a place to stay, and a kindhearted celebrity stepped in.

Suddenly they were flying to Los Angeles to the home of a two-time Oscar-winning starlet: Hilary Swank.

Join #AcademyAward winner @hilaryswank and apply to #foster! #linkinbio Have you been thinking about #fostering or #adopting a needy pet? Maybe it would help to know that the newest #foster parent to join the #louieslegacy team is Academy Award winner #HilarySwank! When we posted two urgent dogs in need of help at one of our partner #shelters, she decided it was time to step in and become a #fosterparent to a needy animal! Hilary is no stranger to #animalwelfare and has been following #LouiesLegacy for some time! "I have followed you and admired your work for the rights of animals for a long time now," she said when applying. We are so #grateful and #humbled that she took notice of the work that our staff and #volunteers do each and every day! Hilary's message to the community is this: "There are so many ways to help an #animal in need. One is to always #adopt and don't shop! Two is to go into shelters and volunteer your time to walk and love on the animals, reminding them how special they are so they have hope they won't be forgotten and will eventually find their #forever homes! The third is to #foster! If you can't bring a #rescue into your home forever, think about #fostering. #Fostering not only saves lives and allows more room for other animals in the #shelter until they too find a foster or forever home, but it can also be an important transition to finding forever homes. The grateful heartfelt love I receive from #dogs when fostering is life-changing, not only for the dog, but for me." We urge you to apply to #foster a pet whose only chance may be the moment you took to make the choice to say "yes"– that his or her life is worth it. Even with the tireless work of all of our fosters and volunteers in 8 states, there are #heartbreaking many for whom #rescue never comes. Apply online to foster at and help us tell as many #pets as possible that their lives are worth it! Tomorrow is a new day! #HilarySwank did, and so can you!

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Louie’s Legacy is a nonprofit group based in New York and Ohio that helps take cats and dogs out of shelters and places them into foster homes before they are permanently adopted. But founder Emily Gear was a little surprised when a very familiar name responded to an ad looking for a foster home for two labrador puppies from West Virginia.

She was sure it was a prank!

Happy day after #MemorialDay, #Cincinnati! These two #goldenretriever mix puppies are looking for a local #foster home! They are 3 months old and already found themselves at a rural shelter. We need your help in order to give them a wonderful future! Our rescue is foster-based, meaning every animal we save from the shelter must have a family to live with until they are adopted. Can you provide a temporary foster home to these two deserving pups? If so, please fill out our foster form at! Our rescue provides food and covers all medical costs, our fosters provide the love until each pet finds and amazing forever home! Please share! Our foster homes are pretty full and we don't want to leave these two behind!

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Fortunately, it turned out to be the real Swank offering a helping hand, and she even had a conversation with the star herself over the phone confirming it was true!

The two puppies, named Scully and Mulder in homage to the X-Files series, were flown to California where they are to be fostered by Swank. Adjusting to their Los Angeles lifestyle quite well, Swank reportedly takes them hiking and they even have a personal trainer!

Swank is an animal lover!

According to Today, “They are doing great and she has nothing but good things to say about them,” said Gear. Reportedly, Swank intends to keep only one of the puppies, while finding another home for the other, but she currently does not know how she’ll choose between them.

Swank said, “Fostering not only saves lives and allows more room for other animals in the shelter until they too find a foster or forever home, but it can also be an important transition to finding forever homes,” according to the Instagram post.

“The grateful heartfelt love I receive from dogs when fostering is life-changing, not only for the dog, but for me.”

You know what they say … “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We’re fans of recycling anyway, so we have just welcomed our 1,000th rescue of the year, MARIGOLD! This senior girl was so excited to go for a walk, not realizing she was being walked to her #FreedomRide! Precious Marigold was left at the curb with the garbage, when her family moved and left her behind. To pet her, to kiss her sweet face, and to watch her tail just wag and wag, has brought tears to my eyes. Your shares saved this sweet girl, and found her a wonderful foster home that will be picking her up and showering her with love! This year, we have taken in over 75 seniors and medical cases! Like many senior pets, Marigold will need medication for her arthritis, a dental, and a mass removed and sent for biopsy. We could really use your help as we continue to prioritize saving animals with medical needs! If you like to see happy grey faces, please consider a donation at #linkinbio to help us #KeepSavingSeniors!

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