Kindergartener awarded for her good behavior, but how she uses reward—teacher sends note to parents

May 16, 2018 3:52 pm Last Updated: May 16, 2018 3:52 pm

The first day of kindergarten is usually filled with tearful goodbyes. For many parents, it’s their child’s first baby step towards independence—while for kids, the change and confusion can be overwhelming at first.

As the school year progresses, the children get to know their teacher and classmates and become more comfortable. However, some kids take longer to adjust to the school environment.

Peyton’s kindergarten teacher rewards students’ good behavior by letting them pick who to sit next to at lunch.

A kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Petree encourages her students to learn and achieve with a “Super Improver Wall.” One of the rewards for moving up on the wall is getting to chose who you sit next to at lunch.

When one of the students, Peyton, moved up on the wall, she said she wanted to choose her buddy for lunch that day. Mrs. Petree was confident she knew who Peyton was going to pick.

But that’s when the young child showed wisdom well beyond her years. Her teacher was so touched by what she saw, she had to send a note home to her parents.

“I thought I knew for sure who she’d pick, but she surprised me,” Mrs. Petree said in a note she sent home.

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To her teacher’s delight, Peyton chose to sit next to a boy who isn’t as popular as his other classmates. Mrs. Petree said it’s made a world of difference in his life.

“She smiled and picked a little boy who never gets picked for anything. It made his day!” read the teacher’s note, which was posted to Twitter by Peyton’s older sister.

“Since that day other children have started to pick him for things and he is a completely different child because of it. All because of your daughter.”

The teacher went on to praise Peyton’s parents for raising a child with so much compassion and such a kind heart.

“Children learn to be kind by how they see kindness in their home,” Mrs. Petree said.

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It’s impossible to predict with absolute certainty what a child’s home environment is like, but after showing her capacity for kindness so early in life, it’s safe to say Peyton is headed on the right track.

“Ya’ll are wonderful parents and are raising a little girl that will grow up to do amazing things,” Mrs. Petree said. “Peyton has reminded me why I love teaching kindergarten.”

Peyton’s proud sister didn’t hesitate to post the note on her Twitter page with the hashtag “proudsissy.”

“Peyton is only 6 but believe me when I say she is going to change the world one day,” her post said. “She’s beautiful inside and out.”