Kind man performs CPR on poor electrocuted squirrel

July 6, 2018 5:01 pm Last Updated: July 6, 2018 5:01 pm

Squirrels are small and good at climbing, which means they can easily get to a bunch of places that would be difficult, if not impossible, for humans to reach.

While this is primarily a good thing, it does have its disadvantages: they are more likely to run into hazardous situations. If a squirrel is nonchalantly crawling around near something dangerous, it could be in for a world of hurt. Thankfully, there are people willing to help out when this happens.

After a squirrel got electrocuted by a power line, a group of men assisted with CPR.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

In May, a group of men in Colombia noticed a squirrel in desperate need of help, according to The Dodo. She had been walking across a power line that wasn’t properly insulated and had become electrocuted.

The men knew that they couldn’t just leave the squirrel there to die, so they assisted her with CPR. They pumped lightly on her chest with a single finger while blowing air into her mouth from afar.

When one man went in to open the squirrel’s mouth, another warned, “Careful, she might bite!”

As one man keeps pumping away at her heart, some others in the group talk about moving onto the next step.

“Wait. Wait. I’m trying to pump more blood into her brain,” he tells them.

They were able to get the squirrel up and breathing again.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

After a bit more pumping and one more blow into her mouth, the man starts rejoicing.

“She’s breathing! She’s breathing! She’s breathing!” he says. Soon the others join in the celebration.

“Did you see how she blinked her eyes?” one said.

“She’s recovering!” said another.

“She’s almost better,” said another, as the squirrel lay still breathing quickly.

(The Dodo/Screenshot)

“She’s struggling again,” someone worried.

But then the squirrel started squirming back and forth.

All she wanted to do was get down onto the ground. A few men in the group wanted to chase after her, but one told the others, “Let her go.”

The squirrel stayed in one place for a while, unsure if she was ready to go back to the wild.

“Let’s see if I can at least calm her down a little,” a man said before giving her a few pets.

Soon she was ready to run back off into the wild, hopefully far away from any dangerous wiring.

Watch this moment in the incredible video!