Kind-hearted professor offers to hold single mother’s baby so she won’t miss class

June 26, 2017 6:23 pm Last Updated: June 26, 2017 6:23 pm


It’s difficult being a single mother. It’s even more difficult to be a working single mother. But try being a working single mother also trying to get your college degree, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

That’s what happened to Morgan King, who has been trying to balance raising her three-month-old daughter Korbyn with her classwork at the University of Tennessee, where she is studying therapeutic recreation.

Morgan’s schedule is “exhausting and draining,” but she’s determined to make it work.

Last week, Korbyn and I began a new journey together. I started back at school at UT and will be taking classes this summer to make up for this past semester that I took off so that I could give birth to my biggest blessing. I know that the next year and a half of my life will be the most trying, difficult, exhausting, and draining time of my life as I am a full time college student at the University of Tennessee, serving 4+ days a week to provide for us the best I can, AND raising an almost 3 month old all at the same time. Being a single mother isn't easy in the least bit, but knowing that I'm not only a single mother, but am a working mother AND a full time student too is very rewarding and is something that I know Korbyn will be so proud of me for one day when she's old enough to understand what I went through to get us where we will be one day. I am doing everything I possibly can to provide the best life possible for my precious angel and I, and I know that nothing is going to come easy. Someone told me the other day that statistics show that less than 2% of young moms get an education before the age of 30. I am so beyond determined to become a part of that 2% of women who succeed and provide a future full of hope and happiness for my child. In the past year since I got pregnant, I've learned that going to school and getting my degree isn't just about me anymore. It's about US now. I have to graduate and get a big girl job doing what I love for US so that I can support US and live happily ever after, just the two of US. I have to make her proud, and I won't stop doing everything I can in order to do so. So Korbyn, my sunshine, here's to you.. to us. The next year and a half is gonna be a roller coaster, but I'm ready to buckle up and brace myself through the bumps because I know it'll all be worth it in the end. So glad you're along for the wild ride with me 😜 I hope you know how much I love and adore you, Korbyn Reese. I can't wait to make you proud ❤️

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“I have school in the mornings and work in the evenings, like three to five days a week… So it’s really hectic,” Morgan told USA Today. “She’s only three months old, so she still doesn’t sleep through the night, and I don’t get to study until I’m home from the long day. Once she’s asleep, I stay up late at night studying, get a few hours of sleep, wake up the next morning really early and do the same thing all over again.”

Morgan’s own mother passed away last year, and while she has other relatives that help out and take the time to watch her daughter, they sometimes have their own responsibilities to attend to, leaving her with no childcare options.

So on June 15th, she emailed her professor explaining her situation, and that she would have to miss class.

But then she received a heartwarming response.

Morgan’s professor, Sally Hunter, insisted that she bring her daughter to class instead. Not only that, she offered to hold the child herself while teaching the class so Morgan could focus on her studies.

“I work for the Department of CHILD and FAMILY Studies,” Hunter wrote in her email, “so how terrible would it be, if I was unwilling to have a child visit our class?”

The response quickly went viralMorgan’s post currently has nearly 5,000 retweets on Twitter.

She’s also received encouraging responses from strangers:

And Prof. Hunter had a good attitude about becoming “Twitter famous”:

…and even jokingly worked it into the class assignments:

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s inspiring to see so many people in Morgan’s life being so understanding and accommodating during such a hectic time. Hopefully there will always be people like Professor Hunter in her life to help her along the way as she pursues her dream.