Kids visiting divorced parents were annoyed when told to dress up. But when music starts—they know

"Then it hit us: the ‘photographer’ wasn’t a photographer at all"
February 6, 2018 9:40 am Last Updated: February 6, 2018 9:40 am

32-year-old Caroline Gray of Lexington, Kentucky, says she was utterly stunned when she found out in 2008 that her parents had gotten divorced.

“As a backstory, my parents married when they were 21 years old, and were married for 32 years,” Gray explained, according to Love What Matters. “Growing up, it always seemed like they had the ideal marriage.”

“They literally never even had an argument in front of me or my older brother.”

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Despite the news being a surprising blow to the family, Gray’s parents remained close.

“If this tells you how uncontentious their divorce was, they continued to live together for another two months while waiting for my dad’s new house to be finished,” Gray continued. “The interesting part about their divorce was that there was no real catalyst that drove the decision.”

For Gray, she saw the divorce as a result of her parents wanting to pursue different things in the future.

“Basically, they split up because they had different priorities,” Gray said. “My mom is a social butterfly and my dad is a complete homebody. With no kids at home anymore, I think they just thought it would be easier on them both to go through the next phase in their life solo, since they wanted different things.”

And go their separate ways they did.

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The transition to having divorced parents was a little uncomfortable for Gray, but it didn’t stop them from remaining a close-knit family.

“When I visited my parents, I had to now make two different stops, and allot enough time during my trip home to appease both parents,” Gray explained. “However, my older brother and I were extremely lucky because our parents remained good friends, continuing to talk on a daily basis, but both parents dated other people on and off throughout these past 10 years.”

Gray’s father still remained very protective of his ex-wife. When he found out she was seriously dating someone else, something inside of him clicked.

“I think something just finally triggered my dad to realize he couldn’t chance losing my mom to another man,” Gray said. “As a result, he started courting my mom with every romantic gesture under the sun.”

The courting soon became serious. At Christmas, it came to a head.

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“While visiting home for Christmas this year, my brother and I (along with our families) were instructed to dress in specific colors for ‘holiday pictures,’ which would take place promptly at 5 p.m. on December 23,” Gray said.

Gray and her brother were annoyed by the request, as between the two with their significant others there were five children. However they eventually decided to go along with it.

But they never expected the reason why they had to dress up this way.

“When the ‘photographer’ came in the door, my parents still were not ready,” Gray explained. “Then, music started playing over my mom’s surround sound system, and my dad came out of their room with a nice suit on. About five seconds later, my mom came out in a white dress holding a bouquet of flowers.”

And then Gray and her brother understood.

“Then it hit us: the ‘photographer’ wasn’t a photographer at all. He was actually a minister!” Gray said.

After almost 10 years of being divorced, her parents had decided to remarry. The ceremony took place that very Christmas, much to the excitement of their children.

Having been through so much, Gray’s parents’s story had finally come full circle in such a touching way. They were once again together, and the family couldn’t have been happier.