Kid going to prom approaches two firefighters. But what it is he needs help with—it’s unexpected

The two firefighters had just stopped to get some food
May 4, 2018 11:16 am Last Updated: May 4, 2018 11:16 am

The high school prom has been immortalized in countless movies and pop culture. It’s supposed to be a night 18-year-old high school graduates will never forget.

There is considerable emphasis on who you go with, the length of the car you arrive in, and most of all—how you look. Nobody wants to appear sloppy if they can avoid it.

One teen in Fresno, California needed some help getting ready for prom recently.

The teen, who remained anonymous, had been getting ready in his car when he hit a snag. Mostly dressed, he was having trouble with his tie.

That’s when he spotted Fresno firefighters Andrew Lopez and Chad Mezzera who had stopped to get some food. He approached them and asked if they’d be willing to lend him a hand.

“We had ordered our food and we were waiting outside,” Captain Michael Zimmerman said to KMPH. “A kid walked up to the firefighters and asked if they could help him—with his suspenders and his tie.”

The two firefighters were glad to oblige. While Lopez fixed the boy’s tie, Mezzera helped with his suspenders.

The Fresno teenager was looking sharp and ready for his senior prom in no time.

Captain Zimmerman said the fire department is always happy to help.

It would have been easy for the guy to consider his issue too small to bother firefighters. With everything else they do on a daily basis, asking for help as he got ready for his prom may seem like small potatoes.

But Captain Zimmerman wants people to know that’s not the case. Firefighters are there to make the community a better place, and they’re always happy to aid.

Lopez and Mezzera didn’t catch what school the student attended, but because of their assistance, he was able to go to the event confident that he was looking his best.