Kid baseball player told to ‘run fast’—But what he does instead has everyone in hysterics

Just wait until you see what he does when he reaches the home plate
May 7, 2018 11:50 am Last Updated: May 10, 2018 9:05 am


Little league teams are a great way for kids to get out on the field and learn about the basics of sports in a fun way, getting important lessons on teamwork and sportsmanship.

But some kids just learn how to revel in a victory.

That was clear to everyone watching a Walnut Valley PONY game in California last week. Three-year-old athlete Lennox Salcedo was rounding the bases.

But while he was on third base getting ready to head to home plate, a coach gave him some advice that he didn’t quite take to heart.

“The third base coach asked him to run fast to home plate,” the boy’s mother Sabrina Salcedo told Today. “And Lennox gave him a thumbs up.”

But instead of running as fast as he could, he decided to ham it up.

He ran to home plate in a dramatic slo-mo.

Lennox took his time rounding the bases, as if re-creating a scene from Chariots of Fire. And while his teammates may have just had to wait patiently, the crowd was in hysterics.

At some point another coach—also Lennox’s father—tried to nudge him to speed it up, but Lennox just shrugged him off and kept up the routine.


And if that wasn’t dramatic enough, he added a nice finishing touch when he finally made it home.

He did a slow-mo dive into the plate.


While it’s not clear if he’ll be a great athlete, Lennox might have a career in comedy the way he won over the crowd.

“He is definitely a character,” his mother said.

“He was definitely trying to put on a show for everyone,” his cousin Tabby Rodriguez added.

Rodriguez uploaded the video to Twitter, and it’s become a viral hit. It currently has 8 million views, in what must be the most-viewed little league sports highlight of all time.

They don’t usually keep track of the score during little league games, but it’s safe to say Lennox hit a home run in this one.