Postmaster hires the most adorable ’employee’—but the best part is his official job title

October 5, 2017 12:21 pm Last Updated: October 5, 2017 3:14 pm

Typically post offices aren’t something to write home about, but one office in the quaint village of Portree, Scotland is worth talking about. No, it’s not their curb appeal, nor is it the chocolate cards they offer. It’s one of their employees.

Approximately two years ago Ray Chandler took over as postmaster of the small post office. Even though the store is small Chandler felt as though he needed another employee to help. So, he hired Jax.

Jax is unlike any other postal employee because he’s a dog.

If you're ever in Portree I give the post office my absolutely highest recommendations!! 🐶🐾

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The adorable pooch is Chandler’s dog and he enjoys his job as the Official Stamp Licker.

“Jax absolutely loves it,” Chandler told The Dodo. “He’ll actually lick your stamps.”

Although Jax’s boss points out that occasionally his employee will eat a customer’s stamp, but that’s part of a risk you take when you let a dog lick your stamp.

Jax even has his own spot at the counter, complete with a tag with his name and job title on it.

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The canine employee is a huge hit with the customer’s too, even if he goes overboard when performing his job. His owner says that often people will come in just to see Jax.

“In Britain, everyone tends to talk about the weather, but in the office, people want to talk about Jax,” Chandler said. “Some people come in just to say hello, or to bring him a treat; others want to give him hugs. He has become quite a character.”

Jax deserves to be recognized as employee of the year.

There’s no word on when Jax may retire, but we’re hoping it’s not for a long time because we can’t get enough of his adorable face sitting behind the counter.

Who is the best stamp licker around? Jax is!