Tourists Spot Pod of Hunter Orcas on Their Trip—But It Quickly Gets Scary

June 1, 2018 9:16 pm Last Updated: June 1, 2018 9:16 pm

WARNING: The content includes blood and may be disturbing to some.

Nature expeditions are a great way to spend a vacation; from whale watching to safari trekking, a first-hand look at the animal kingdom can be a beautiful change in perspective.

For this group of whale-watchers off the coast of Bremer Bay in Western Australia, though, their sojourn ended up revealing a lot more than they had been anticipating!

While the onlookers stared on in fascination and horror, a group of about 30 killer whales closed in rapidly on their prey—a beaked whale, moderate in size for a whale but much larger than the incoming orcas.

Before long, the beaked whale was surrounded by the killer whales, which remain some of the most violent and carnivorous of all dolphins known to man.

The dinner is hardly a surprise, as whales are some of the most common diets of killer whales. That, in part, is where orcas got their names. Although they aren’t members of the whale species, their carnivorous diets of the similarly-shaped aquatic creatures earned them the nickname from sailors generations ago.

The video captures just how much carnage results from an orca feeding session, with the water foaming and churning from the attack and turning bright red from the whale’s blood.

Before long, the harmless mammal is nothing but a large dinner feast for the predators that outswam it—and the whale watchers themselves were left to ponder the shocking turn of events they witnessed.