It was just a simple hunting trip to the lake until they started sinking in mud — then the dog became a hero

November 21, 2017 5:21 pm Last Updated: November 21, 2017 5:37 pm

If you ever go out duck hunting, it’s a good idea to have a dog by your side. Dogs are great for retrieving ducks from cold or wet places or for sniffing out ducks when they’re trying to hide—and sometimes much more.

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Kansas resident Jake Atkins knows quite well the benefits of having a dog around while he’s hunting. He brings his one-year-old chocolate lab, Otis, with him every time he goes on a duck hunting trip.

One day, the man and his dog were making their way around Perry Lake with a friend when the two humans stepped into a deep puddle of mud.

“We were walking pretty much side-by-side, and we both sank to knee depth in the mud, and we tried to wiggle ourselves out, and it ended up being waist deep,” Atkins told KCTV Kansas City.

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They were trapped! Each time they struggled, they were pushed further and further down. With no other options, the pair was forced to dial 911 and call in a group of firefighters.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that the firefighters could do on their own. Luckily, there was somebody nearby to help.

“If they’d walked out, they would’ve sunk too. So there was no way for them to get rope to us. So when those firefighters popped out of the bushes, I said just tie the rope onto Otis,” said Atkins.

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The firefighters took Atkins’s idea and ran with it. The dog took three trips out onto the mud carrying a heavy rope in his mouth. First, the dog rescued all of the gear, then rescued Atkins’ friend before finally rescuing Atkins.

It was a lot of weight for Otis to bear. By the last pull, he was crying from exhaustion. Still, he never left his owner’s side.

“He followed me as they were pulling me,” Atkins elaborated, “He kind of just was walking right beside me as they were pulling me in on my back. It was kind of funny.”

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After that, Otis took to the bushes for a well-deserved nap—however, Atkins didn’t wanted his pet’s efforts to go unrewarded. So he bought Otis a steak, which he happily chowed down.

It’s a rare thing indeed to find such a good dog as Otis. Well done!

Watch the video here.


[via KCTV Kansas City]