It took 12 years, but this dad made his daughter an incredible graduation gift

July 3, 2017 11:54 am Last Updated: July 3, 2017 11:54 am



It’s bittersweet watching your child grow up. While it can be a bit emotional realizing your little girl isn’t so little anymore, it’s also incredibly rewarding to see them experience new milestones every day.

So it’s understandable that parents get a bit emotional on their kid’s first days of school, seeing them move up to a next stage in life, ready to take on new things.

But one dad decided to capture these yearly milestones on video, interviewing his daughter on her first day of school for 12 straight years.

And now he’s compiled them into one beautiful video:


The video is the work of Kevin Scruggs, a pastor and life coach. He made it in honor of his daughter Mackenzie’s graduation from high school this year, and it has since gone viral.

It’s an incredibly touching video. The time-lapse, where we see this girl gradually grow up from a child to a high school senior, would be moving enough on its own. But it’s the “interview,” the casual conversation between the dad and daughter about what she did in school and what she’d be looking forward to that year, that really makes it special.

Young Mackenzie is enthusiastic about school, where she gets to color and write, with her classmates who make silly faces and share her name. She takes on a bit more responsibility later, with more homework and a position on the student council.

On Mackenzie’s first day of 7th grade, her father is proud that it’s her first day of junior high. Only one year later though, he’s admittedly sad that it’s her final year of junior high.

It’s a funny moment that briefly captures the dad’s perspective as he’s making these videos, seeing the symbolism while his daughter probably sees another first day of school.

Mackenzie grows into a pretty typical teenager in high school, looking forward to football games and “cute boys,” as well as sleeping. And a senior, Mackenzie has her sights set on the big end-of-high-school milestones like prom and graduation, naturally.

But its those moments in between, those smaller milestones and social adjustments that add up over the years and shape you into who you are, that really make the video stand out, and authentically captures the experience of growing up.

And then in a heartwarming ending, the video goes back in time, year by year—this time showing the dad and daughter saying “I love you” to each other every time at the end of their interviews.

It’s touching to see such a close father-daughter relationship. Not only did he make a great, special gift for his daughter on her graduation, but the video shows that he’s always been deeply involved with his daughter’s life and encouraging of her, and in return she (even in the moody teen years) always readily fills her dad in with everything going on in her life (even with boys).

High school may be over, but he’ll always be there, keeping up with his daughter’s life as the years go by.