Insanely fat beaver gets stuck in a fence. But it’s the rescuer’s recount that has us cry-laughing

January 12, 2018 11:27 am Last Updated: January 12, 2018 11:27 am

Seasonal bloating is a common occurrence in nearly every living creature. Even human beings tend to pack on a few extra pounds during the winter months as they become more sedentary.

Nestled safely away from the cold, activity levels decline sharply. What was once a svelte summer bod has bulked up to keep itself warm from the frigid temperatures.

With that in mind, it’s easy to sympathize with this beaver who was found stuck in a fence in Ontario, Canada. A lack of body awareness put our poor, pelted pal in a pickle.

In April of 2017, just as the winter was breaking, this busy boy was scurrying happily through the forest. He managed to get most of his upper body through a wrought iron gate, but couldn’t swing his hips through.

In Ontario, Canada, rescuers discovered an overweight beaver who tried to squeeze through a fence and failed.

Twitter/ Liam Casey

The beaver is a noble, regal creature, revered in Canada. But when Hamilton Animal Services found this little guy, he was frightened by the fact he was unable to free himself from the fence. He was probably a little embarrassed, too.

A quick-thinking rescuer managed to free him without kerfuffle. The City of Hamilton Animal Services Facebook page made a post detailing the efforts to get the tubby beaver free from the bars.

“Fast response and years of experience enabled Officer Sarah to use soap to help the beaver out of this tight situation,” the post reads.

The beaver landed “arse over teakettle through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn’t pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws,” the post said.

Rescuers managed to free the beaver by lubricating his body with soap.

Facebook/ City of Hamilton Animal Services

Once they were able to get the beaver loose, they noticed the incident left him with a few minor injuries. He wasn’t ready to be released back into the wild, and was taken to the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge instead.

The beaver was treated to some rest, relaxation, and a complimentary all-you-can-eat veggie buffet. In obvious need of a little exercise, he was able to swim around to burn off some energy and excess calories.

Beaver bathThe beaver who arrived here from City of Hamilton Animal Services last night has been cleared for fractures and such by our vet at @ Haldimand Animal Hospital, so we where able to let him have a swim and a bath. Beavers need baths to stay hydrated, but in this case it will also help to get sore muscles moving. It appears he or she is enjoying bath time.The beaver is still having trouble with her/his back and hind limbs, so although full recovery is expected it might take a week or so to heal properly after which the beaver will be reunited with it's family

Posted by Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The beaver spent some time at the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge before being released back into the wild.

Facebook/ Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

After his brief stint in the spotlight, the beaver was released back into his natural habitat. Rescuers are confident he’ll make better dietary choices in an attempt to trim himself down to a healthier weight.

“I have a family and I want to live to see my son build his first dam,” the beaver probably would have said. “This was exactly the kind of wake up call I needed.”

Hamilton Animal Services hopes there are no repeats when the 2018 winter breaks in a few months. Like many others, beavers always waddle out of hiding to meet the springtime sun with a little extra poundage.

Thanks to the care and diligence of wildlife animal lovers, this little fella got the help he needed. And, as the Hamilton Animal Services team put it: “A stern lecture about staying close to his aquatic home.”