Injured man arrives at airport. But when young boy notices his wound—does the sweetest thing imaginable

And incredibly, it doesn't stop there
March 19, 2018 2:57 pm Last Updated: March 19, 2018 2:58 pm

Some people just have a good heart, and it’s incredible just how far they’ll go to help others in need. It makes you wonder if they’re even human—how can a person be that good?

Well, one Malaysian boy’s unbelievable acts of kindness towards an injured man have kept us wondering.

Filipino Ady Sacol was enjoying his vacation in Thailand until he had a motorcycle accident.

Goodnight Everyone. My only position while sleeping.

Posted by Ady Sacol on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In early March, Ady Sacol, an operations manager for IBEX Global Philippines, was waiting for his flight at Phuket International Airport in Thailand. He was traveling to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, then on to the Philippines, but there was a slight problem.

As part of his vacation in Phuket, Sacol had hired a motorbike to tour around the island. But on his return, just a few hours before he was due to catch his flight, he had an accident and suffered an injury to his knee and foot, making it painful for him to walk. Not only did it make getting around the airport difficult, but it was also quite noticeable: the big red, swollen wound was not bandaged.

Noticing his wound, a kind, fellow passenger turned to him and began one of the sweetest chain-acts of kindness imaginable.

That passenger was 13-year-old Malaysian Sean Tee.

Sean began an impressive chain of kind acts—all to help Sacol, a stranger he had never met.

Posted by Ady Sacol on Friday, March 9, 2018

Sean was in Thailand participating in a basketball competition when he heard word of his grandfather’s tragic passing; the dutiful young boy was on his way back home to pay his respects when he encountered Sacol after sitting down next to him at the boarding gate.

They had both gotten to talking when Sacol wanted to grab some food. Unfortunately, his wound made it difficult to move. Noticing his problem, the young boy sprung into action.

He then asked me: Are you hungry, tell me what food you want to eat?” Sacol later shared on Facebook. “I was trying to get my wallet but Sean insisted that he will be paying for [my food].”

Sacol was blown away by the boy’s generosity, but the young man was not about to stop there.

When they heard that their flight was forced to change departure gates, Sean, without saying a word, grabbed Sacol’s 33-pound bag and made the 15-minute walk with his new friend.

As nice as that was, it gets better.

Sean still was not done. The two boarded the plane and arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, but once they arrived there was no wheelchair for Sacol to use.

So, Sean, with the heavy bag in hand, helped carry Sacol to where the airport buggy was waiting.

“But the buggy will only transport me on the third floor so we need to use the lift to go down,” Sacol wrote. “Unfortunately no buggy nor wheelchair is available as well on the second floor.”

And so Sean then helped again!

He grabbed a cart and proceeded to push Sacol all the way to the immigration counters.

And the young boy still wasn’t finished.

(Vmenkov/CC By 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Sacol thanked Sean profusely; without the boy’s help, he would have never made it out of Thailand, much less to the immigration counter in Kuala Lumpur.

Before they parted ways, Sacol pulled out some Philippine money and handed it to the boy—he had written a special message of thanks on it to the wonderful young man. Sacol then said his goodbyes and thought he would never see Sean again.

But this incredible boy still was not finished. Once Sacol had completed immigration procedures, Sean was waiting on the other side with a cool drink for the injured Sacol.

Sean then proceeded to help unload Sacol’s luggage from the baggage carousel and even offered Sacol a ride once his ride showed up.

Sacol’s chance encounter was stunningly touching.

A good read about parenting. This time, we will hear from the person itself who is a great influence to Sean Tee that…

Posted by Ady Sacol on Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sacol refused Sean’s final offer; the young boy had already given him so much. Instead, Sacol offered some touching words of his own.

“Sean, remember the Philippine money I gave you which I wrote something on it?” Sacol wrote. “I said the money doesn’t have a value at all, it’s the message that is more precious and priceless. Keep it as a simple remembrance of our very short but memorable time together.”

Sacol posted the entire story on Facebook and it quickly went viral. People were amazed at how far this young boy went for a complete stranger who was in need.

But no one was more surprised than Sacol himself. For him, Sean was more than just a random, helpful stranger, he was an angel.

“You are a treasure to your family and friends,” Sacol wrote. “”I will always remember you for the rest of my life.”