Indian young man wants no one to go hungry in his hometown

April 22, 2017 10:47 am Last Updated: April 22, 2017 10:47 am

Kind people always find ways to practice kindness even if it comes at the cost of letting go off their comforts. Goutham Kumar, an Indian man, quit his corporate job to help the needy; he started an organization to provide food to those who can’t afford it.

After years of working in the corporate sector, Goutham Kumar discovered his true calling working to feed and take care of the needy and malnourished in the city of Hyderabad, South-central India. He is now in the business of saving lives. He along with several volunteers spend their time collecting extra foods from places like celebrations and functions, to distribute to the poor and the hungry, usually children and the elderly.

Once an employee for companies such as Expedia, and having worked all over India, Kumar has now settled in Hyderabad, where he is trying to fulfill his life’s mission. “I started my NGO because I wanted to serve others,” Kumar told Better India. “But I wanted it to be my profession, not a passion to be followed just once or twice a week. I was sure that this would be my sole purpose.”

Kumar founded the organization called ‘Serve Needy’ three years ago, and he has enlisted the help of family and volunteers to assist the less fortunate in many areas of their lives. Kumar also works for over a dozen other non-government organizations to help the poor.

Goutham Kumar found his true calling after he founded Serve Needy, an organization that provides food to the poor or malnourished.

Goutham Kumar
Credit: Goutham Kumar

Volunteer participation is increasing, and Serve needy now feeds around 200 people per day. The group also helps people in other ways such as by organizing birthday parties for cancer patients as well as alternative medicine. This group also assists government schools, and provides help for mentally challenged. The program performs other services such as feeding animals, as well as fixing pot holes, a persistent problem facing Indian people.

Serve Needy feeds around 200 people per day.

Credit: Serve Needy

Serve Needy also helps less fortunate by performing last rights for families who cannot afford it. The group recently started their mobile ambulance, which was launched on January 8th. They provide medical services and pick-ups free of charge. “We are aiming at people with serious ailments,” Kumar told Better India.

Serve Needy recently started its mobile ambulance for the poor, which provides medical assistance for those who can’t afford it.

Credit: Serve Needy

Serve Needy is constantly on the go 24/7; and Kumar is surrounded by his work and his passion. “I started Serve Needy because I wanted to do my part as a human being,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to feel orphaned while they are alive.”

There are so many ways to making this world a better place and Kumar surely leads by example!