Young Man Keeps Asking Older Lady Who His Mom Is—When the Truth Is Revealed, He Cries His Eyes Out

June 9, 2018 10:58 am Last Updated: June 9, 2018 10:58 am

There are numerous physical or mental conditions the can set on with age, some of which are not easy for families to cope with—particularly when it comes to those with no cure.

When Joey Daley sat down at Tim Horton’s to ask 66-year-old Molly who his father is, one mental condition in particular was thrust into a harsh spotlight, right before his very eyes.

The woman sitting across from him doesn’t have any tremors to her movements or hesitations in her speech. She sounds perfectly normal as she informs Daley that she has no idea who his father is; she’s not even sure why she should know.

Trying to get additional clues, Daley presses from a different angle—asking who his mom is.

She has no idea.

Daley grows increasingly frustrated as Molly, working through a milkshake, pauses to think about his questions and comes up completely blank.

That’s when he tells her the truth: she’s his mom.

“That’s what I thought,” she replies … but soon, her memory clouds over again, not to return.

Daley started filming his mother’s battle with what’s known as Lewy body dementia in hopes that he could shed some light on a topic that very few speak about out in the open.

It’s a brave and important challenge he’s setting out on, but it’s far from easy. After their visit, the heartbroken son breaks down in his car, sobbing at how quickly his mom has lost any recognition of who he is or how she knows him.

Still, Daley finds it important to share these kinds of devastating realities. With a wide variety of symptoms, Lewy body dementia is incredibly difficult to diagnose; he hopes that with increased awareness, those with loved ones battling it will find more resources to help.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Joe Joe