Family gave away cop dad’s RV after he was killed. Years later, they finally get it back

The RV's new owners kindly agreed to sell it back to the family
July 3, 2018 2:11 pm Last Updated: July 3, 2018 2:11 pm

Traveling around the country in a camper may not be an ideal vacation for everyone, but when Karis Farish was growing up, her father’s camper provided a lifetime worth of memories.

Unfortunately, when Farish was 12 years old, her father was killed in a car accident. Shortly after his death, her family gave the motor vehicle away and she never went camping again.

Until one day her husband, Micah Farish, told her to cover her eyes and walk outside.

Karis created a lot of memories in her family’s camper as she was growing up.

(Micah Farish/Screenshot)

Micah explained to ABC News in 2015 that Karis’ father purchased the camper three years before he passed away.

“He took them all over the country. They saw all the fun stuff like the Grand Canyon, they went on a four-week American tour to see all the landmarks. That’s the man he was. Most of Karis’ great childhood memories were with this camper.”

But their fun came to an abrupt end when Tom Craig, Arkansas State Police captain, was killed on December 14, 2000 while responding to an overturned vehicle.

After her father’s death, the family gave the camper away.

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“It was a pretty hard time for them and they obviously weren’t going camping anymore,” Micah said. “They weren’t using it but wanted to keep it in the family.”

Over the years Karis spoke to her husband about getting it back.

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Since she and Micah had children, Karis expressed an interest in getting the camper back from the relative they initially gave it to so they could make their own memories.

But when they inquired about the RV, they were told some unfortunate news. Two years earlier it had been donated and no one knew where it was.

Micah had an idea, but it would require a little digging and possibly a miracle.

Micah made it his mission to find the camper.

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After about a week, Micah was able to locate the RV’s vehicle identification number and with that information he discovered that the vehicle had recently been registered to someone in California.

His next step was to find the camper’s new owner and share his story with them.

The RV’s new owner received Micah’s message and responded.

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Despite being a bit skeptical, Kathy Eiler and Patti Clarkson, the camper’s new owners, were willing to part with the vehicle, even though they had recently fixed it up.

“I read Micah’s email and did some background research on my own and saw where he worked what he did, and I said, ‘This guy’s legit. Let’s do this,'” Eiler said. “I said, ‘It’s okay, this is for a really good cause. He has gone through all this trouble. Let’s just sell it to him.”

Eiler, who also lost her father at a young age, could relate to Karis and knew she “had to let the camper go home.”

The trio arranged to meet in California.

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Micah told his wife he was going camping for a bachelor party, but in reality he made the trip from Arkansas to California with Karis’ mother to see the camper in person. Once they were satisfied, they had the RV towed back to Arkansas where Micah kept it hidden.

Once the camper was in Arkansas, there was only one thing left to do.

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One week after Micah brought the RV home, he told his wife to step outside and he covered her eyes. He led her down their driveway and just as they reached the street he lifted his hands from her face.

“I was in complete shock. I had no idea that he was doing anything,” Karis told ABC News. “I haven’t seen it since I was 12. Honestly, there’s no other words other than just shock.”

Karis couldn’t believe what was sitting at the end of her driveway.

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“I’m just overwhelmed with the fact my husband loves and cares about me so much that he put forth all this effort to do this for me,” she said.

The family didn’t wait long to go camping either—ABC News reported that shortly after the big surprise, the Farishes were already making memories at a campsite not too far from their home.