Girl captures parents in a situation you don’t see every day—it has everyone on Twitter responding

She later shared the "after" photos as well
February 6, 2018 4:07 pm Last Updated: February 6, 2018 4:07 pm

Recently Analissa Vela caught her parents in an odd, yet adorable situation that showed just how much her father, Juan Vela Sr., loved her mother and his wife, Marciela.

It was a moment that caught the attention of thousands online, some even replied with photos of their husbands showing them they care by lending a hand in the beauty department.

Juan and Marciela have been married for 25 years.


The couple, who have been married for nearly three decades, have five children, and apparently at least Juan has a knack for applying false eyelashes.

Get yourself a partner who can apply false eyelashes like this dedicated husband.

Analissa’s mother purchased individual eyelash extensions and glue to give her eyelashes a boost. But rather than apply the lashes herself, her husband stepped in and offered his assistance.

She wrote that when she took the photo her father had already been carefully applying each lash to her mother’s eye for “over an hour” all while listening to the music of her choice.

“If that ain’t love then idk what is,” she tweeted.

She later shared the “after” photos.

And people were extremely impressed with her father’s ability to glue the false eyelashes with such precision.

Some even asked if Juan took appointments. Unfortunately, that answer is still unclear.

Everyone was impressed with Juan’s work.


In addition to admiring Juan and Marciela’s relationship, some took the opportunity to share similar ways that their significant other demonstrate that they care.

Someone shared a photo of their father straightening their mother’s hair.

One woman posted a photo of her husband dying her hair.

Can you say relationship goals?!