Husband forced to pull over when wife starts giving birth in the back of the car

June 22, 2018 7:10 am Last Updated: June 22, 2018 7:10 am

Samuel Beyene was at work early Wednesday morning, May 23, when he got a phone call from his wife. Beyene, 41, and his wife, Rachel Estifanos, 30, were expecting the birth of their child at any moment.

Beyene could hear the urgency in his wife’s voice when she told him her water broke. The expectant father didn’t hesitate to leave work early and rush home.

Beyene’s wife’s water broke, and they were on their way to the hospital.

(Fox 25 Boston/ Screenshot)

Beyene rushed home as quickly as he could and helped his expectant wife into the car. Then, as they were in route to the hospital, he heard something troubling come from the backseat.

“We start driving, and all of a sudden,she says, ‘Oh my god, something is pushing. Something is coming out,'” Beyene said to Boston’s Fox affiliate.

The couple was only a few minutes from the hospital, and despite Beyene trying to reason with his wife and nearly born child, the time to deliver the baby had arrived.

“She says ‘No, no, no, Sammy, you don’t know there’s coming out.’ And I look down and I see the head.”

Beyene pulled the car over onto the shoulder of the I-93 expressway and called 911.

(Fox 25 Boston/ Screenshot)

Once it became clear that the couple wasn’t going to make it to the hospital in time to deliver their baby, Beyene pulled the car over and called for emergency services. The entire ordeal was recorded during his conversation with the police dispatcher.

“How is your wife doing? Is she still conscious?” Wilmington Dispatcher Jill Regan said in the recording. “Yes, she’s conscious. The head is out! Oh my God!” Beyene said in reply.

Regan did her best to talk the Beyene through the delivery process and keep him calm at the same time. Officers and EMT’s were already en route, but they wouldn’t be there in time to deliver the baby.

“Slowly but surely, I pull the baby up,” Bayne said. “All of a sudden, the baby is in my hand.”

“Once I heard the baby cry and the dad said everybody was well, it was really rewarding,” Regan said to the Lowell Sun. “I’m very happy for mom and dad and the baby.”

The couple named their baby Lidya, and both mother and baby are healthy.

(Fox 25 Boston/ Screenshot)

Officer Matthew Stavro was the first to arrive on the scene. He assessed the situation and clamped the newborn’s cord until paramedics arrived.

The couple was then rushed to the hospital, where doctors made sure Lidya and Estifanos were in good health. The entire ordeal went as smoothly as the couple could have hoped given the circumstances.

“We’re gonna give her a little nickname, 93, at the bottom,” Beyene said. “Lidya 93, since she was on the highway.”

The entire family, complete with their newest addition, is thankful for the support they received on a hectic Wednesday morning.

“I just want to say, thank you, seriously,” Beyene said to the Lowell Sun. “I was amazed the whole time.”