Hungry great white shark dramatically crashes fishing trip, and it’s caught on camera

August 16, 2017 4:39 pm Last Updated: August 16, 2017 4:39 pm


Passengers aboard the Stunmai II got more action than they paid for on the charter boat’s August 12th trip in Cape Cod Bay.

An ordinary day of fishing was turned into an adventure… thanks to a dramatic entrance from an unexpected guest.

Captain Hap Farrell posted the footage on Facebook, which is now going viral.

The charter headed out into the bay for its usual trip. On board was a family, fishing off the stern of the boat. One of them hooked a large striped bass on their line.

But someone else had his sights set on it.

They see something in the water grabbing the line, and the captain tells them what it is:

“That’s the shark.”

“Get it in the boat!” the captain yells to reel the line in. “They’ll come up after it!”

The man reels the line in, revealing what’s left of what would’ve been an impressive-sized striped bass.

Luckily the shark didn’t try to finish his meal.

But things got even crazier.

Later that very same day, another group of fishermen are on board. According to Farrell’s narration, they’re doing quite well with their catches.

But then, somebody’s back for seconds:

The shark leaps out of the air, grabbing the fish and the end of the line (and doing a nice spin flip for good measure.)

Farrell asks them to reel their lines in, lest the shark return for more.

“Any idea what kind of shark that was?” one of the passengers asks.

“A great white,” Farrell responds.

Watch the footage below:

This is something to watch…

Posted by Hap Farrell on Saturday, August 12, 2017

It’s just like this iconic scene from Jaws:

But Captain Farrell doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

The viral success of his video took Farrell by surprise.

“Six o’clock, when I turned the computer on and went to Facebook, here I am with 20 or 30 more people who want to be my friends, 50 some odd things on likes,” the captain told CBS Boston. “I’m going, ‘What is this all about?”‘

Source: CBS Boston

Tired of all these new friends only liking him for his shark video, Hap returned to Facebook to make it clear that he was over it.

“I hope this obsession with the shark video comes to an end soon,” he wrote. “It is not that unusual, it just so happened I had a video camera going at the time. Shark sightings in Cape Cod Bay happens at least once a day if not more.”

All of this makes it sound like Hap has the coolest life ever, if airborne sharks are such a common occurrence to him that he gets bored talking about them.

“Remember, I’ve caught sharks before, so it was nothing special for me,” he told CBS, nonchalantly.

Source: CBS Boston

Then what does thrill Captain Farrell? The grizzled old shark hunter had a surprisingly wholesome answer.

“Watching the little kids catch fish. That’s what I get excited about,” he told CBS Boston. He talked about the importance of letting kids do it on their own, and the thrill of seeing them reel in a fish for the first time.

“This little eight-year-old kid brings in a fish that’s almost half as long as he is, and he did it by himself. You get such a kick out of that, and it’s well worth it.”

But he also gives some solid advice about surviving in shark-infested waters: don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.

“It’s funny about nature: If you don’t play around with it or act scared of it or anything like that, you can pretty much get along with anything.”