Hotel had rules, but what desperate guests were doing, owner knew he had to break them

December 16, 2017 6:05 pm Last Updated: December 16, 2017 6:05 pm

Holly Bounds Jackson was staying at a Beaufort, South Carolina hotel—but not for pleasure. Hurrican Irma was traveling on course, and Jackson was there to report on the stories of many evacuees.

She learned that Chet, the owner of the inn, had only taken over four months ago. He could never have predicted that less than half a year later it would be filled to the brim with people trying to escape the destructive hurricane and anxious about their future.

“He’s got people trampling through the place soaking wet. Only a handful of employees stayed behind to work. The phone rings constantly. His hotel is leaking. The power went on and off all morning,” Jackson shared.

Yet Chet didn’t hesitate to do everything he could to extend hospitality—he didn’t even hesitate to break hotel rules.

“He’s waived his no-pet policy this week,” Jackson shared on Facebook. “He brought in a generator and got it working in under 30 minutes.”

The place was so packed—it was the only place open in town—that there were people sleeping in the cars in his parking lot. And Chet gave them free breakfast and use the restrooms without any reservation.

“There were so many children, of course,” he told Jackson.

She tried to interview him on live television, but said he was too humble to do so.

During her stay, 9/11 rolled around, and a father and son asked if they could lower the flag to half-staff.

He didn’t hesitate in agreeing.

“A quick snap of a moment that really spoke to me today,” Jackson captioned the photo below.

It really shows that even in the worst of situations, there are really people who will show us the best of humanity.

Clarifications: This was written on 9/11, which is why he was lowering the flag to half-staff. Also, since this post I…

Posted by Holly Bounds Jackson on Monday, September 11, 2017